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Workero UK expansion announcement with the opening of a brand new London Office. 

Date: 14/02/2023 

Brussels, Belgium

Thierry Vermeiren – COO “It is our pleasure to announce the opening of our London Office. Workero has grown significantly over the last 2 years, and if one thing has changed since the pandemic, it’s that office space will never be used the same way as before. To serve both our UK, US and Asian clients, we decided to strengthen our presence in the UK. It is also my pleasure to announce the appointment of our new Head of Sales, Fam Ahamed, for the EU and UK market, who will be based at our office in London. Together with his extensive real estate and PropTech knowledge, we will expand our services and be closer to our customers. I would like to thank all of our customers for their commitment and relentless efforts to improve our products on a daily basis”. 

Game-changing workplace solutions on offer from Workero’s expansion

The new Workero office is located at 50 Liverpool Street. This opening is a milestone in Workero’s growing network of cutting edge workspaces and cements our role as a leading real estate and facility solution provider with continued growth and expansion. 

It’s true that the UK economy is reeling from its post Covid-19 and post Brexit economy, however London has kept its title as the world’s top destination for investment in commercial real estate, according to both Knight Frank’s London Report and The Times. Despite this success, commercial real estate vacancy still proves a challenge. 

Workero UK expansion: A myriad of integrated solutions.

Workero UK Expansion

The Workero UK Expansion means a continuation of support to businesses in the UK market through our three main solutions. 

Firstly, our ability to monetise empty office space offers a lifeline to struggling businesses, office spaces and business centers crying out for collaborative spaces and relevance. Tenant and employee experience has grown in priority, with the topic being held in high regard from HR conference to real estate summit. Workero UK expansion means tackling these issues head on, with 1to1 support from our workspace specialists. 

Secondly, combined with our Workplace Management Software, we continue to provide a data driven cutting edge technological solution to operational efficiency, facility management and space utilisation. From office or desk booking software to visitor management solutions, our centralised platform evolves at the same pace as employee expectations, making it a future-proof investment. We grow with businesses as their needs and company culture evolves. This includes EV charging, heatmap technology, Co2 Monitoring, segmentation of employees and much more. 

As a centralised and integrated product, we are beyond proud with the progress we continue to make in revitalising and re-emphasising the reality of the future of work. Our Workplace Management Software is a meaningful route into tackling one of the biggest reported disadvantages of working from home and ill-informed hybrid working policy, that being lack of collaboration. 

Finally, our Flexible Workspace Solution allows for true hybrid working. Our network of flexible office spaces is not just a route into injecting added value into your employee offering.  It’s about leaders taking the initiative to open their spaces to potential talent, while ushering in an age of performance based working for their teams to excel within. 

Introducing Fam Ahamed

Workero UK Expansion: Fam Ahamed

Now is a good time to introduce you to our new Head of Sales for the UK & Europe, Fam Ahamed.

Born and raised in the UK, he started his career as the youngest branch manager for Carphone Warehouse after succeeding as the no.2 highest ranking salesperson in the UK. After a transition into the Property Industry, he began working with The Daily Mail Group Trust and other PropTech businesses, later becoming a successful PropTech Consultant advising businesses as well as Real Estate companies. 

Having experienced what the UK had gone through during Covid-19, Fam witnessed real estate challenges first hand alongside the impacts of mismanaged space. Fam recalls that “although it may have saved companies travel cost and expenses, it has left a lot of companies not needing such a big office space” with existing workplaces underutilizing their space. 

When questioned on why he was excited to join Workero Fam highlighted the international appeal of Workero alongside our strengths as a solution provider. “I believe this could be the answer for all commercial properties worldwide, and I really see Workero as a one-stop solution to all businesses in Commercial Real Estate and beyond”.

Future-proof solutions for workplace optimisation

Workero Flexible Workspace

This is why Workero’s services can be a ‘win win’ for a lot of companies, not just through the monetization of empty space, which really can be seen as a support in difficult times. Utilising our Workplace Management Software can help support HR Managers to improve wellbeing, assist facility managers in improving efficiency and operational managers to streamline costs and procedures. 

Delighted to welcome Workero into our community at the UK PropTech Association. We are seeing a growing trend towards more flexible and customer-centric workspaces post pandemic, and the need for data and technology solutions is critical to this. The UK is one of the leaders in this space and is one of the largest hubs for PropTech companies, and as such, we very much welcome and support international companies looking to expand into the UK such as Workero. – Sammy Pahal, Managing Director of the UK PropTech Association

Connecting space and knowledge has always been the aim of Workero from our launch just 6 years ago. The appointment of Fam fittingly coincides with the decision to expand our operations to the UK. With this comes a new level of energy, commitment and resolve to Workero’s dedication to improving space one office, workspace and conversation at a time. 

Interested in discovering our game changing solutions for yourself? Feel free to book a free consultation with our Head of Sales Fam to start optimising your space. 


EU Office

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UK & US Office

50 Liverpool Street, London, EC2M 7PY

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