Interested in transforming your space into a smart office? Utilising modern workplace management technology could provide you with insights integral to your business. In this article, we’ll explain what workplace analytics are, how to unlock workplace analytics from your space and the advantages of workplace analytics.

What are workplace analytics?

Understanding Workplace Analytics isn’t as complicated as it seems. Essentially, Workplace analytics provide data from your workplace for reporting purposes. This information can be collected via desk booking information, office space sensors and other connectable technology to help you make better informed business decisions.

Workplace analytics are normally presented in dashboards for easy access, with exportable reports available for more detailed information. Make it easier to measure and assess your organization and its workers.

How to unlock detailed reporting from your space?

Unlocking detailed reporting can be done easily and securely. Workero’s Integrated and Centralised Workplace Management Software allows you to leverage a variety of features as part of our complete solution.¬†Workero is built for integration with an offer of customised workplace analytic solutions. Along with our partners, we offer a service tailored to your precise business needs, from operational systems to hardware components.

The advantages of Workplace Analytics

Improve workspace utilisation

Building and Office insights Dashboard

Space usage, it’s purpose of use and who uses it is just the tip of the iceberg when staying operationally efficient.

Using Workero’s Workplace Management Software doesn’t just mean leveraging desk and meeting room booking software. As a Workero Admin, you can use Workplace Analytics to measure the true utilisation against booked spaces for an accurate view of overall usage.

Measure the real value of your space

workplace analytics for measuring value

Since hybrid working practices have expanded from industry to industry, the real value of the office to employees has shifted significantly. Knowing exactly how much your space is worth on a square metre basis is an extremely useful advantage of workplace analytics.

With detailed reporting from Workero you can track the amount of desk or meeting bookings that are being made within your business. This information is important for precisely understanding just how utilised your space is. Moreover, this information can even reduce your cleaning costs with targetting of only occupied spaces.

Reducing risk through transparency

reducing risks with workplace analytics

The old saying rings true, knowledge is power. The more information business leaders have about their spaces, the better placed they will be to make those important decisions. In these uncertain times of skyrocketing energy prices and an ongoing pandemic, technological solutions continue to offset risk.

Optimisation starts with assessing inefficient practices, therefore Workplace Analytics becomes a meaningful route to risk reduction. Workero’s detailed reporting provides transparent overviews and assessments of essential metrics. Many across the real estate industry, from building owners to facility managers, are choosing Workero to increase value creation while optimizing their portfolio.

ESG Reporting and Sustainability Measuring

Workplace analytics for ESG and sustainability

The data collected about your workplace usage and energy consumption can be extremely helpful for ESG reporting. Facility Managers or operational management tackling SDGs can utilise this data to follow up on the success of sustainable initiatives.

As a one-stop shop for sensors, IoT, and building management systems, Workero helps business manage more than employees, parking and visitors. Start meaningfully connecting your business to ensure you are getting the most out of your space.