The process of identifying groups of employees and developing human resource policies based on shared traits and particular requirements is known as employee segmentation. Ensuring structure in your well-organised business means instituting some level of segmentation across your workforce. Efficient segmentation often correlates to well-structured operations. Most modern employers and relevant businesses will be acutely aware of diverse employee demands and objectives. Real business leaders cater to different working styles and can promote a workplace system that accentuates strengths across their facilities to get the best out of their employees.

How does Workero’s user segmentation work?

Segmentation of employees

An example of user segmentation

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s take a look at an example. The main meeting room in your building might need to be accessible to management all the time for those important last minute meetings. With segmentation tools, this is perfectly possible. Apply priority to management or C-Level employees, ensuring adequate access to those meeting spaces on demand. 

Main Advantages of Segmentation

Segmenting Priority

A main advantage of segmenting your user groups is the ability to apply different rules for different users. With Workero, you can implement the necessary rules and regulations you desire to ensure space utilisation. Not only can you select a certain hour that external people can book from, but the specific period and the precisely designated areas. 

Structure through segmentation

segmentation for operational structure

Another advantage of having the ability to segment tenant or employees is for structural improvements. Applying priority status doesn’t just apply to high level employees. This is helpful for businesses with external employees, as Workero’s segmentation allows for prioritisation for internal employees to claim their space. Priority can be given to specific spaces for your chosen users. Not only does this reduce administrative errors, but it removes double bookings while managing cross-operational stakeholders. 

Technological solution to equitable access

employee segmentation for equal access

Facility Managers and office managers can benefit greatly from a technological solution to segmentation. Advanced people management through segmentation allows provisions to be accessible to all employees in a controlled manner. Enure common meeting rooms or shared spaces can be secured equally on a first come first book basis. Broaden this system out to include your parking and open desks to allow freedom of choice across buildings. 

Maximise efficiency across your operations

segmentation for increased efficiency

Rule based segmentation of users for hybrid working practices ensure maximum efficiency. Overcoming workplace operational challenges means creating successful and efficient working segments. This helps businesses, manage the workspace more effectively from the background. 

Enhance collaboration for increased employee wellbeing

Segmentation for collaboration

Covid-19 greatly impacted our ability to work together in our departmental bubbles. Our user-friendly desk and meeting room booking software promotes a seamless work environment to help your staff enter their flow state more quickly. See where your colleagues are working from and join them with a simple click of a button. 

A Centralised and Integrated Solution 

Workplace management software pricing

Workero’s Workplace Management Solution integrates rules for parking, meeting rooms and desks, always ensuring that your employees find the exact spot they are looking for. Synchronising your approach to operations means having clear guidelines and support from a technological solution. 

Start improving collaboration across operations by exploring Workero’s Workplace Management Software.