Finding Parking Management solutions is of great importance to facility, operations and human resource managers! With everyone from internal employees to external shareholders using this service to access your business for a variety of purposes, your business needs a solution. Given the significant touchpoints this one feature of your business has, here at Workero we have made it our mission to address and ease the challenges associated with parking. Therefore, in this article, we’ll cover how Workero’s Parking Management solution works and what advantages parking management solutions offer your business.

How does Workero’s Parking Management Solution work?

Workplace management software - Desk booking

As a vital stage of the employee or guest experience, arriving by car and having an adequate space is essential. Workero connect with your car parking management system to provide a centralised and integrated solution. 

Set up your parking spaces, define pool versus fixed & install rules for EV charging. These are just some features available to you when using Workero’s Workplace Management Software.

The advantages of a parking management solution

Easy implementation and management.

save time with parking management solutions

Getting setup is easy. More importantly, managing your parking becomes a breeze. From the moment you have a stable and secure parking management system, you can get rid ouf your outdated practices, Excel sheets or manual booking processes to concentrate on real value creation in other areas of your business. Saving time in how you come to work and get to your desk offers a huge opportunity for optimization.

Ensure equitable access to parking space

Parking management spaces

Nothing is worse than arriving to the office for that 9am meeting and realising you don’t have a space to park. Stop your employees and tenants circling the car park in search of space by implementing a real parking management solution.

Workero allows you the ability to institute desired parking rules that you suit your exact needs. By making space bookable, you can apply structure and organisation to parking problems, ensuring everyone has access and coverage.

Customized to meet your parking facility needs

parking management solution

Many businesses are still using their outdated parking management solutions from before Covid-19. A vast amount of improvements has been made in the past 3 years, giving you even greater control over your parking system.

This is what makes Workero’s approach so unique. We tailor each solution to fit your precise needs, guiding you through the process to support you through your workplace and operational optimizations. From large corporations with a growing number of employees to smaller teams who have precise parking requirements – we help you find your ideal answer.

A sustainable approach to parking problems

sustainable parking management solution

As previously mentioned, drivers tend to waste a lot of time circling cities and parking lots looking for an open parking space, This creates unnecessary traffic, emissions, and wastes vital time and fuel that is better used elsewhere.

Our parking management system can significantly reduce traffic, driving time and air pollution. An optimal parking solution will help your organisation as a whole lower the amount of vehicle emissions, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

A simple solution for Workplace EV Charging

Parking Management Solution for EV Chargers

Does your business already have an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging system on site? Did you know Workero can connect with EV parking systems? To continue ensuring fair access, we have expanded our facilities management solution to incorporate EV charging station usage scheduling. This allows you to limit the amount of time each user has to make sure everyone can utilise your sustainable technology.

Tenant and employee wellbeing with value.

Employee wellbeing

You need parking management solutions if you’re going to provide true tenant and staff wellbeing. As a result, Workero allows admins to define parking policies using our workplace management software while differentiating between pool and fixed parking. Parking solutions are an important component of space optimization because work should be a seamless and connected experience. Added value for tenants, employees and guests ensures professional representation, higher retention and greater experience from entry to exit.

Interested in creating a seamless experience for desks and parking combined? Contact our workplace specialists today to discover your solution!