With its own office dog, its ideally located office at the heart of East Flanders and a stunning design that allows natural light to flow into the office space, it is no wonder we wanted INTERIT to join the Workero community!

When arriving at a new place, the type of welcome you receive can make or break your stay. At INTERIT in Wetteren, you can rest assured you will get the warmest of welcomes, and from someone rather unexpected. Horta (make sure you check out her LinkedIn), INTERIT’s ‘senior office dog’, will eagerly be awaiting your arrival at the office’s entrance, enthusiastically greeting you.

Although it may not be the typical reception you would expect from a professional company in the IT industry, it is one that will make you feel at home from the moment you step inside the workplace. More importantly, following a welcome like this, you will never want to leave. Who can say that about their office?

The office, of which the design mirrors INTERIT’s innovative and modern outlook, is ideally located between the Belgian coast and Brussels in a business park, which means the exterior environment is rather industrial. However, once you step inside the office space, the firs thing you will notice is the stark contrast between the sobre look outside and the interior. When walking through the rather traditional main part of the office and through the corridor, you will quickly spot the extension at the back, which was newly renovated last year to reopen as a Workero location.

You will receive another warm welcome when entering this space, which truly reflects the ‘future office space’ idea, as you pass by the cosy coffee corner first (a great excuse for a quick refill before you start working). Moving on, you will find the integrated office space with regular desks, more communal desks and smaller and larger meetings rooms, of which the latter are some of the best in the Workero portfolio, with integrated whiteboards and LED circular lamps, which further brighten up the space.

INTERIT, which recently launched its brand new website, has operated as an ICT system integrator and consultant for companies for almost 15 years, and they have already established themselves as a reliable and notable business, with strong partnerships with Microsoft and Proximus.. The team, which consists of around 20 people, assists in digital transformation and end-to-end, tailored ICT strategy plans, design and support.

The team provides services on three levels: connect, store and secure. Karel Vyncke, managing director at INTERIT, explains why the latter is an important aspect to highlight: “As cyber- and network security become more prevalent in the media, offering these services on a professional level has increased in relevance and there is more demand for it.”

He adds that, in this aspect, INTERIT guarantees continued stability in the protection of IT systems, and proactively assists clients in backing up information in case of a security emergency. He says: “On the other hand, we specialise in raising awareness with clients of the possible dangers, and educating them on how they can actively protect themselves online on a daily basis.”

Karel also emphasises that the importance of connecting, one of the three aspects of ICT support that INTERIT focuses on, not only concerns IT systems, but also hones in on connections between people. He explains: “This was one of the driving factors for the firm to join the Workero network and to open up our workspace for flex desks: to connect with other entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants and others.”

At INTERIT, there is an understanding that people booking desks in the office are looking for a space to focus on their work – he mentions that there are even dedicated areas built to avoid distractions – but that his colleagues and he are always open for collaboration.

Karel adds that he has noticed that, around the ‘desk islands’ where people are free to work alongside each other, you will often find a mix between INTERIT staff and external workers, and that in interaction, ideas and experiences are shared. He concludes: “Especially for flexworkers who are used to working alone at home, this can be a nice change of scenery and they often benefit from this dynamic.”

Lastly, INTERIT prides itself on their ability to ‘unburden’ and facilitate clients, meaning it takes over their worries with regards to ICT and IT systems. Karel considers this as one of the main advantages of being part of Workero’s network: “In particular, the backend is a great system both for suppliers and Heroes to easily manage bookings.

“It makes life easier when making reservations from the Heroes side, but also for us to have an overview of the bookings without having to worry about it. But, I also use the app as a Hero and I find this very easy too, so from both sides, we are very happy with the system.”

Watch INTERIT’s video testimonial to discover the modern workspace yourself, and although we are sure being welcomed by Horta is enough motivation to work here, hopefully this will seal the deal!

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