Color Navigator and UQ are unique partners for us at Workero, not only because their vibrant office brings together two companies in one space, but because they have found the perfect balance between a professional and fun work environment which makes their working space feel like home.

Whilst making your way towards the Color Navigator and UQ office in the heart of Antwerp, just a fifteen minute walk from two of the city’s most well-connected train stations, it is easy to get lost. Not because it is hard to find, but because there are so many wonderful little streets, shops and eateries to be discovered – it takes a focused mind not to get distracted. The area is clearly up and coming, and it has a certain buzz to it that you will only find in these ‘gentrified’ parts of cities.

This energy only intensifies when entering the modern building where both businesses have made their home. The second-floor office space has an open and communal feel to it, and simply by witnessing the companies’ creative minds at work, inspiration to innovate came swiftly. Keeping in mind how young both businesses are, it only seems apt they are located in such a dynamic office in one of the most eco-friendly buildings in Belgium.

Creative and innovative melting pot

Their adventure started five years ago, when they started collaborating with 79-year-old engineer and psychologist Luc Van Renterghem. He has over 40 years of experience studying colours and semantic images and how they influence our brains and ultimately how our choice of colours can hint at personality traits. Together, they mapped the last four decades of research to develop marketable products and solutions and, shortly after, Color Navigator and UQ were born.

At first, the former focused on patenting the world’s first colour system to predict what colours suited a certain geographic area, group of people etc. Later, they expanded to develop certified colour identities for companies in a variety of professions. On the other hand, UQ was a result of years of research to understand what happens in the thalamus part of the brain and how it influences our emotions and personality. UQ’s digital platforms and services focus on boosting human potential, coaching and finding the right job for the right person.

Simply by witnessing the companies’ creative minds at work, inspiration to innovate came swiftly.

The unison of these two innovative businesses in one creative hub is what makes it unique and why they are a valuable addition to the Workero network. Both teams consist of (product) developers, graphic designers, colour-and brand specialists, marketeers etc, and are passionate about working with and learning from other professionals, which, for them, is the biggest advantage of the Workero network.

The end of ‘all work and no play’

Although the atmosphere is professional and focused, it was obvious everyone in the office was open to have a little chat in between completing their tasks, and from their part, there was no shying away from starting a conversation. Just half an hour after my arrival, Leonie and Charline, from the content and communication team, invited me to stay for lunch: “We make everything ourselves. We always take the time to eat together and take a little break,” Charline explained.

The conversation swiftly moved on to suggestions for where to find the best fresh fish. “We go to Royal Fish, just around the corner, they have the freshest salmon, and you only pay five euros for a big chunk! So cheap,” Leonie exclaimed. It doesn’t have to be all work and no play, especially at ColorNavigator and UQ’s office.

However, they were also quick to share knowledgeable information relevant to the industry and to promote businesses. The company’s CEO, Thierry Lescrauwaet, talked about platforms to share business ideas and partnerships to grow your business, and explained others ways to tap into new audiences.

Both Color Navigator and UQ have been able to find the perfect balance between focused working and constructive socialising, and as a result, their ambitious work environment is inspiring to say the least. As Charline told me, if you are looking to work in an engaging, creative and young environment, this is the right address. For us, these innovative businesses are a wonderful addition to our existing network, but we were curious to find out why they believe they fit so well in the Workero community!

In their video testimonial, they tell you more about their partnership with Workero, their office space and why it feels like home (and why it should be your new home too!).

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