Introducing our workspace management software’s latest features: Being able to book work, home, and client locations; new features while booking a desk; incorporating your parking spaces in the booking engine; and now available in all languages and across all time zones.

At Workero we strive to make our workspace management software solution as user-friendly and flexible as possible. That is why we work in narrow collaboration with our customers and why we are continuously improving on, and updating, our office space management software.

Below is a quick summary of the latest updates and new features:

Add and book at new types of locations

The new way of working is truly here. The office is no longer the sole working destination, and we wanted to reflect this fact in our space management software.

From this week onwards, you and your team will be able to add new locations and ‘book’ slots at these locations. Thus, in addition to being able to book a desk or a meeting room at any of your company’s office(s), you will now also be able to ‘book’ slots for when you are working from home or working from a client location. This helps orient the whole team by letting them know who works where when.

Be wary, however, of double-bookings at home. We cannot ensure that your beloved pet won’t steal your desk or seat. We are good at space management, but not that good.

Book a parking spot at the office

We are equally happy to announce that we are integrating a parking booking system with our workspace management system.

This means that you will be able to book a parking space before you even enter the office premises or campus. We all know how frustrating it can be to be on the lookout for a parking spot in a rush, or how cruel it is to have your hopes raised and dashed by a Smart Fortwo car.

With the parking integration, you can head off to work with the peace of mind that your parking spot is secure and waiting for you. It’s the little things that make or break a day.

Add and search by a whole new array of office features

Previously, you were only able to book a limited array of amenities (such as a locker or a spot at the electrical car charging station) along with your booking at the office. Now, we have made it possible for you to add a whole new miscellany of services or office features to your booking, such as a docking station, an IP phone, or a screen, or whatever else is available at your offices.

During your booking, select the features that you would like to have at your disposal when coming into the office. If you need a screen or teleconferencing equipment, for example, simply select these and your search will filter out all the spots without these amenities. Select a desk or meeting room as usual, and you’re ready to go!

Continuous Language updates

Workero’s software and support can be made available in any language. From the app and web interface to the communication emails and notifications, we can make it accessible to everyone.

Did you know that we are also developing our app to be accessible to persons with vision impairment or low vision?

Workero’s workspace management software is now available across time zones

Workero has customers all over the world, and in turn, our clients have offices in different time zones all over the world. It was therefore time (cough cough) to update our facility and office management software to function across different time zones.

There is not much for the user to do. Simply rest assured that while time is relative, we’ll make sure that the meeting room or desk that you have booked will absolutely and objectively be available for the time you booked it.

Click here if you’d like to speak to us about implementing workspace management software at your company. Or, check out our website here. Alternatively, contact our product manager if you have any questions!