Introducing Workero's latest feature: Immediately invite your contacts to your meeting

If we have learned anything from 2020, it is that time passes you by in a flash of an eye, so it is always good to find new ways to save yourself some time. At Workero, we like to help in any way we can – which is where our new workplace management feature comes in.

What’s our new workplace management feature?

  • Invite your meeting guests (in- and outside the Workero community)
  • Easily share meeting location details
  • Receive an overview on your guests’ attendance status
  • Integrated with Yahoo, Google and Outlook calendar
  • Informs the host how many attendees will join you and who they are (GDPR compliant)

How does meeting invited work with workplace management?

Meeting invites allows our Heroes to invite meeting attendees directly after completing a booking. For their convenience, this feature also extends to invitees who are not a member of the Workero network.

Upon invitation, invitees will receive an email with a button that will redirect them to the relevant meeting details. For every person that accepts or declines the invitation, they will receive a confirmation/declination email.

To make life and workplace management even easier, the meeting host and attendees can now include the meeting to personal Yahoo, Google or Outlook calendar, with just one click of a button.

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