Workero is going to expand dramatically. We project to open up to 8.000 flexible workspaces within companies, throughout Europe. Discover how.

We’re set to make giant leaps forward

We’re planning to open up to 8.000 flexible workspaces within company walls and corporate buildings throughout Europe. And you could be our partner.

We’re already active on a national level. We partnered up with successful, innovative start-ups & scale-ups like iReachm. And we signed deals with corporations like Procter & Gamble. We’ll soon be creating and managing our first joint innovation hub.

We’re focusing on three types of partners to expand with:

  • Companies
  • Commercial real estate owners
  • Retail real estate owners

What do these partners gain from flexible workspaces?

These 3 types of partners will have the same financial benefits. We want to make real estate more profitable for them. Every partner will benefit from an 85%-15% split from the revenue to their advantage.


Companies in need of groundbreaking ideas or with underused workspace will get to make their spaces available through our platform. Other companies will get to rent them. As our activities and the number of partnerships increase, we project to be joined by thousands of startups throughout the continent in the next few months & years. These startups will get the opportunity to collaborate with the host or with each other in those companies’ offices or at innovation hubs.

That’s how companies will become the focal point of a qualitative and innovative ecosystem. Keeping up with innovation has become a team sport. No company can do it on their own. That’s why we enable big and smaller companies to work within other companies. Flexible workspaces inevitably leads to cross-pollination, collaboration and eventually innovation. You and your company will thrive thanks to the quality of your ecosystem.

On top of that, your ecosystem will be enriched by our regular events. We’ll be hosting a flurry of knowledge-sharing opportunities about Proptech with the support of the StartUp Europe Accelerator Program, the European Commission and the European Innovation Council.

Flexible Workspaces for Retail real estate owners

Retail real estate owners who are looking to make their space more profitable. These owners have noticed a decline in retail real estate demand and want to create office spaces. We help them turn their shopping centers into innovation hubs.

A partnership with Workero is a massive boost for brand image. We want to put our partners in the limelight. Our joint workspaces are aimed at and designed for customers, not for investors. On top of that, the name of our partners is mentioned in the workspace’s name. So, your building would be called Workero by your company name.

Flexible Workspaces for Commercial real estate owners

Commercial real estate owners who want to make a shift from B2B to B2C. We turn their property into customer-centric workspaces. We help prepare building owners for the future. A traditional office is marketed as a product. But recent changes in customer behaviour require a new approach. We believe that providing an office isn’t about selling a product, it’s about delivering a service.

This approach will the way customers experience an office and puts a landlord, who acknowledges this, one step ahead of the pack. The focal point isn’t the REIT anymore, it’s everyone who sets foot into the building. Real estate is more B2C than ever before. And that’s what’s lacking at most traditional real estate companies: the lack of knowledge about the customer. Since we deal with customers directly, we have that expertise. This allows us to shape personalized #SpaceAsAService for everyone.

We’ll help those partners get ready for the future of the flexible workspaces and prepare for the aforementioned shift.

In short, if landlords want to be profitable, they’ll have to choose.

  1. They could outsource the service to an operator and leave a lot of money on the table. That operator will most likely not have a complete grasp of #SpaceAsAService.
  2. Turn themselves from product to service companies, which is not their core business.
  3. Partner closely with an ecosystem of providers who can help them build a strong brand and value proposition.

So, what’s it going to be?

You don’t have to make your mind up right now. We’d like to talk to you first. We’ll be hosting a VIP breakfast at Realty, Belgium’s largest real estate summit, and we’d love for you to join us. Other than delicious breakfast, you’ll get to meet influential speakers like Rudi Vervoort, Chief Economist at the European Commission, Philippe Jaeken, Managing Director at DXC, and our very own CEO Dirk Paelinck among others.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

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