Ghent is home to many landmarks. And from now on you could go and work in one. Discover what it's like to work at Office Arena.

Office Arena and Workero have a lot in common:

  • We share the same ideas about ecosystems. They’re essential to professional and personal growth.
  • The same goes for building a community. We both love bringing people together and watching them thrive. That’s why we’re keen on organizing events.
  • And we both offer some pretty awesome workspaces.

Let me take you on a tour.

First, the surroundings. Office Arena is located in beautiful Ghent, on one of the banks of the river. It’s close to the hustle and bustle of the city center, but peaceful enough to hear the birds chirping. The office building is quite unassuming on the outside, but what a beauty it is on the inside.

The hallway leads to a large coworking space where you can just pop in and do your thing. It also serves as an event room, a chill room, and a coffee house that offers the best coffee around. Rebecca and Angelo of Office Arena take their coffee seriously. Almost as seriously as making you feel comfortable. If you look up ‘Hospitality’ in the encyclopedia you’ll find a picture of these two. They took me on a tour of their office as soon as I entered their workspace.

They showed me their 4 meeting rooms. They’re adjacent to the courtyard, where they’ve installed coworking desks too. The meeting rooms include:

The ‘Board’ room which is the ideal setting for discussions or negotiations. The large windows of the board room give the sun carte blanche and will keep you energized. The ‘Idea’ room: There’s no better meeting room for inspiring brainstorming sessions and informal meetings. The sleek yet very tasteful design is an inspiration in itself. The ‘Studio’ room: This room is a large space that contains 6 seats. It’s located along the indoor running track. You read that right. The ‘Fit’ room: This is the show off room. This meeting room is designed for you to show off your presentations. This 20-seater meeting room has a theater feel to it. You’ll give killer pitches or presentations.

Their meeting rooms can serve as a strict workspace too. And they’re close to the vibrancy the coworking space. But I wanted to be in the midst of it. So, I took place at one of their coworking desks and got going. The bar-high desks and high chairs are relaxing, without giving you any chance to slouch.

If you want to have a quick chat or if you have a deadline, retreat in one of the 3 confession boxes next to the coworking space. These are four-seater booths with see-through doors. You’ll get the intimacy of a private office, with the action of the coworking space.

I could go on about how their workspace rocks. But experience beats every description. So, go and try Office Arena yourself. They’ll woo you with their fresh interior design and their hospitality.

Take me to Office Arena