Our partner MATTH Engineering has countless wonderful assets, from its futuristic office design to its strategic location at the centre of the Brussels-Ghent commuter route. We discovered what makes this location unique and why it fits perfectly into our community.

More often than not, our partners’ corpo-working spaces and the atmosphere here mirror the company’s culture and its field of expertise. Keeping this theory in mind, I was intrigued to discover how this would pan out at MATTH Engineering. This Aalst-based company is an independent constructional study agency and building consultant which specialises in stability studies. In an industry like this one, focus is key.

The future is innovative

However, after setting one foot into the door of its modern office, cosily located between the city’s residential homes, it becomes evident that innovation is also key, and not only in the work the company does (one example is its ability to create 3D models of buildings using TEKLA’s drawing software). Matth Engineering’s focus on innovation is something which is mirrored in the lay-out of the company’s office, which was designed by Nathalie De Leeuw as well.

In an industry like this one, focus is key.

Upon entering the office, you will find yourself in an open space with four large-scale desks at its centre, specially created to fit drawing plans. The desks are also adjustable, allowing you to stand at your desk, which hones in on innovative office ergonomy. All across the office space, the general theme is futuristic warehouse-inspired.

From the bare, concrete walls to the ambient LED lighting in the chill-out spaces and the functional, yet tasteful furniture. The minimalist design is perfect for a space where designing and innovating take place, as it offers little distraction.

Innovation through collaboration

The company’s manager, Tom Matthijs, highlights that this focus on innovation was one what drew MATTH Engineering to Workero, and that it was one of the key drivers for them to join the network, as he felt this was on the foreground for both companies. He adds that, in connection to the ability to innovate, the network’s access to a creative community was another reason for them to join, as it further stimulates innovation. When reflecting on the visits from Heroes who rented desks at his firm, Tom says he enjoyed discovering what people in relevant industries are working on. In this way, it can be motivating to have new people working in your office.

Els De Waele, one of the Heroes who recently booked an office in Aalst, says she was very impressed by the acoustics of the office, which further helps with concentration, as it keeps any noise out. She adds: “I received such a nice welcome, and was given a tour of all the facilities. I travelled there by bike and they even let me park my bike inside, which was a nice touch. During the lunch break, we ate together, which gave us a chance to discuss our jobs and projects.”

The drive for innovation was one of the main drivers for MATTH Engineering to join Workero.

Just like INTERIT in Wetteren, MATTH Engineering plays an important part in our ambition to solve Belgium’s mobility problem and improve our Heroes’ work-life balance by offering a solution for commuting struggles. Tom explains that, because of their positioning between two major cities, Ghent and Brussels, they find themselves at the edge of one of the biggest commuting bottlenecks. Rather than losing valuable time waiting in traffic jams, Heroes can book a desk space for an hour or two at MATTH Engineering, and start the day right, without all the stress!

Watch MATTH Engineering’s video to discover their workspace and the many other reasons why you should book a desk there today.

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