Discover what it's like to work at IDEA Consult.

IDEA Consult and Workero is a love-at-first-sight kind of story. We have a lot in common. We even finish each other’s sentences.

We are both do-gooders: We want to change the world significantly.

Just like us, they’re all about innovation. “Thinking ahead” is their motto.

They rely on a research-based and data-driven approach to achieve their goals. And you guessed it, we do too.

“But what’s it like to work in their office space in Brussels?”, I wondered. The short answer is:

Peaceful. Harmonious. Stimulating. Submarine-ish.

That’s not what comes to mind when you think of Brussels. At least not according to this guy.

And it’s certainly not what you imagine a consultancy agency to be. But IDEA Consult’s workplace is all the above and more.

It’s located in the heart of the European quarter and a block away from the Rue de la Loi. That means cars as far as the eye can see. Frustrated drivers. And noise. Lot’s of noise.

The contrast with IDEA Consult’s office space couldn’t be bigger.

It has immense noise-canceling tinted window walls. The only sound I heard was the sound of the world being changed.

The hidden treasures are the desks. The bar-height desks and the high chairs are located right at one of the window walls. On top of that, the office is located slightly below the surface. This gives you a unique view of the neighborhood and its passers-by. Like Jacques Cousteau with a first-class seat in an urban sub-marine. But soaked in natural light. And with unparalleled spaciousness.

And how about that design? It’s designed like a fine watch. There’s no excess, no fat. From the quotes on the wall to the couch in the kitchen, everything is essential and aimed at making you feel at ease.

Their office is fantastic. But what sets them apart is the overall vibe. They are apostles of knowledge sharing. “We’re very eager to host like-minded professionals in our office space in Brussels”, said David Monic, Territorial Development Expert at Idea Consult. “We’d love to have data experts here, but we value everyone’s expertise. Everyone has a skill or a view we can learn from. We’d never turn down an opportunity to improve the way we do things.”

IDEA Consult’s manager, Wim Van Der Beken put it like this:

In short: It was a productive and insightful day at IDEA Consult. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work alongside these cutting edge innovators. Click on the banner and book your desk now.

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