This time my journey has taken me to an office space in Wilrijk. Found out what made me a big fan of our partner Creative Whereabouts and what makes them the Batman of workspace.

We are a big fan of Creative Whereabouts and their founders Kristof De Deken en Kristof Coenen.

Here’s why: They get an idea and they execute. That’s apparent in the way they started Concept Booth, a marketing agency for games. Or how they created a poker app with thousands of users throughout the continent. Their “don’t gamble, take chances” way of doing things is what brought us together. They caught wind of us, they heard us out, founded a company and came aboard the Workero train.

Kristof and Kristof knew their empty office spaces were losing money. They saw one of our ads and quickly realized that they could turn their underused spaces into innovative collaboration hubs. After an encounter with my esteemed colleague Sam they swiftly created Creative Whereabouts, an office space provider that aims to bring professionals together. And they joined us.

Don’t gamble, take chances.

It’s because of our shared beliefs that we absolutely wanted them in our network. And because of their workspaces.

Most of the offices in our network have something special. Aaltra has a supervising deer head in their office. iReachm has a bar.

Creative Whereabouts’ office is the Batman of office spaces: a beautiful, classy workspace by day. And an edgy, action-packed poker venue by night. You read that right: once the sun sets they turn their workspace into a poker venue.

Their immense but cozy coworking space exudes inspiration and collaboration. There are up to 64 coworking seats throughout the space. The comfortable chairs and impressive desks are designed to make you thrive. You’ll also get a nice view of the surroundings and a terrace perfect for team barbecues, siestas or fun brainstorm sessions. And as if that’s not enough: they have a bar. A genuine bar where you can get coffee, cookies, cocktails and valuable advice on work, love and life in general.

And that’s just their coworking space. If you want to escape the bustling coworking space you can retreat in one of the soundproof booths on the same floor. Soon you’ll be able to do the same in one of the seven private offices on the second floor.

Creative Whereabouts’ workspace is coveted for more than just their coworking space or private offices. They’ve also got this. ⬇️

The Amphitheater. The place where reputations are earned. The perfect stage for your pitches, brainstorming sessions, meetings or events. And power naps. The soft cushions on the steps are just begging you to lie down on them.

I had a blast at Creative Whereabouts. I could go on and on about their workspace. But experience beats any review doesn’t it?

So, try their office space in Antwerp for yourself. Creative Whereabouts will satisfy all your needs.