Tech Pitch Event One at P&G: What’s Gardening Got to do with it?

door Alvara • feb 12, 2021 in Corporate Accelerator Programme, Events, Featured, Startups

P&G recently held its first Tech Pitch session at their InQbet campus. Take an inside look at Workero by P&G’s corporate accelerator program, and see what it means to form part of an ecosystem.

During the first Tech Pitch session at Procter & Gamble's InQbet campus, three start-/scale-up companies, Brainalyzed, Robovision, and Trensition, pitched their ideas to Procter & Gamble. This wasn’t just another pitch event, however. What made it special was that these start-/scale-ups pitched to the entire Procter & Gamble as an organisation, and not just to a minimal steering committee. Everyone, from people working in R&D departments, to those in technical positions, could listen in and be inspired by the innovative strategies and usage ideas presented by these startups and scale-ups.

This means that more than 70 people tuned in during the event to see what these three companies had to offer in terms of digital capabilities in the era of AI.

Here are some of the highlights of the first Tech Pitch event:

Robovision, a scale-up that specializes in collaborative Deep Learning, illustrated what feats can be achieved when human expertise and machine learning meet. Their user-friendly platforms allow field-specific experts and data scientists to work together, resulting in spectacular AI-driven or AI-enhanced operations.

Next, Brainalyzed demonstrated how they have made the power of Artificial Intelligence more accessible. The company does so by digitally mimicking the work of data scientists and by building platforms that enable users to interact with their data, test different hypotheses, and deploy sophisticated AI swarms: using Brainalyzed technology is like having your very own data scientist at your disposal.

Finally, Trensition - a trend analytics company - presented their predictive models and tools that can be customized to their clients’ specific needs. These highly modifiable models provide in-depth quantitative insights, and they do so much faster than traditional qualitative and labour-intensive research methods.

A Corporate Accelerator Program centred on building relationships

All three of these companies are part of the InQbet Campus by P&G and members of the Workero Corporate Accelerator program. Last year, P&G partnered up with Workero to open up one of its locations for the first time in the company’s history in a bid to fast-track innovation through co-location and co-creation. By opening up its doors in this way, P&G is inviting other entrepreneurs, startups, scale-ups, academic partners, and suppliers to form part of an ecosystem that will benefit all those involved.

More specifically, Workero and Procter & Gamble have teamed up to open this corporate accelerator program around the principle of an ecoystem. The ecosystem mindset involves inviting others into your space, organically leads to an environment where relationships are built and trust is established. In this more organic way, partners in the ecosystem eventually benefit from, and draw on, each other’s strengths.

On the one hand, established companies that are under constant pressure to innovate due to their position in mature markets, benefit from startups’ and scale-ups’ agility, specialization, and willingness to explore new markets and areas of innovation. On the other hand, startup companies that need market knowledge and visibility, can draw on established companies’ scale and strength in these areas. Established companies can also make resources, quality contacts, mentorship, and training available to their smaller partners.

The image of an ecosystem is especially appropriate here, since both the established company who acts as gardener and steward of this ecosystem, and partners who form part of the garden, want the ecosystem to flourish. It is in the interest of all parties to tend to and grow the best ecosystem possible.

When partners in an ecosystem view their working-together as akin to growing a garden, everyone wins. By setting up an ecosystem, large companies cultivate a kernel of innovation that will grow into sustainable competitive advantage in the long-term. Likewise, startups and scale-ups will harvest the insights and mentorship that these experienced corporate giants have to offer for years to come.

If you want to create or become part of a Workero-facilitated ecosystem, start here.

For more information on joining the the corporate accelerator program as a startup or scale-up, or to open up your own virtual and or physical garden/ecosystem, contact us at