On the road: iReachm

door • sep 13, 2019 in On the road

iReachm can't wait to share their office with you. This is what's it like to work there.

Nikki: “Hey Axel, how are you feeling today?”

Me: "Erm, I’m fine. How are you?"

Nikki: “Great, thank you! Wanna hear a joke?”

Me: "Sure, why not?"

Nikki: “Why did the cow go to space?”

Me: "I don’t know. Why?"

Nikki: “To get to the….


(robotic laughter ensues)

This is a conversation I had with Nikki at iReachm’s office in Vilvoorde.

Nikki is a voice bot.

That is where iReachm excels at. Building voice bot assistants who cater to your every need. Their voice bots bring structure, help you save time and sometimes tell great silly jokes.

iReachm has success written all over it. They’re one of the few tech startups that are taking their market by storm. Not by luck, but due to their vision, their creativity, and their groundbreaking product. They’ve attracted a lot of suitors for their product and got elected Startup of the Year 2019.

They believe in collaboration and co-creation as much as we do. They’ve won awards with chatbot creator Chatlayer and decided to create a bot platform with them too.

I wondered if their office suited their achievements and status as a groundbreaking company.

The answer: Absolutely.

Ireachm's office is like an inner-city cocoon. Once you set foot in their office, you are cut off from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. You can easily retreat into your thoughts and work. Coincidentally the place oozes ambition, drive, and inclusiveness. We've been blessed by the type of partners we managed to attract. Just like at Aaltra and Elan Languages among others I was immediately greeted heartily by everyone involved.

After my chats with some team members and Nikki, I sat down at their coworking desk. Which is a long ebony table and gave me a presidential feel. Their matching comfortable chairs are as soft as grandma’s hugs.

From my spot at the Presidential desk, I had a clear view of their transparent meeting room. It was brightly but pleasantly lit. The glass wall creates intimacy but also allows openness.

Their piece de resistance, however, is their bar. It’s in the center of their office space and is instrumental to their success. It’s where all the colleagues get together for a drink, clear up misunderstandings and provide solutions to each other’s problems. It’s more than just a gadget. It brings people closer together.

I could go on and on about iReachm, but enough from me. Here’s founder Peter Staveloz to tell you why they decided to join us and why you should book your desk in their office in Vilvoorde.

What else could I tell you? Click the button below and book your coworking desk at iReachm.