Discover our new partner location, Cloud House, situated in the heart of Antwerp.

Located in the heart of Antwerp, within a few steps of Antwerp Central Station, Cloud House is a sleek and upbeat business centre.

With its large glass windows that stretch all the way from the floor to the ceiling, it seamlessly forms part of the city landscape around it. Outside, cyclists and pedestrians move past and the rhythm of the world slowly seeps into the office. Inside, warm accents such as sustainably sourced wooden acoustic panels and spots of greenery complement the clean design of this beautifully serene coworking space.

And while the minimalist interior creates a peaceful backdrop to work in, Cloud House’s approach to technology is everything but minimalist.

Cloud House’s founders are very conscious of the importance of having the best technologically-equipped facilities at one’s disposal. Cloud House makes use of a digital check-in system for easy check-in (and it’ll notify you once your guests have arrived), provides super-secure, super-fast internet to you and your guests, and they have smartboard meeting rooms, and docking stations at each workstation.

Speaking to Mike Mol, one of the founders of Cloud House, one gets a clear sense that this space was designed with care and deliberation. Established in the year of the pandemic, it took a lot of perseverance and personal involvement to turn the location into what it is today.

Cloud House has a very interesting backstory

When Mike and the others took over the space, it had been an abandoned grocery store. They literally had to clear away grocery items as a start of their project. And when they did that, they discovered that the building had almost no finishings. It didn’t help that the month they wanted to start renovations, the pandemic hit. They were left with no option but to climb in and get the work done themselves. If you see what the space looks like today, you’ll be doubly impressed.

As you enter Cloud House, you’ll find yourself in a large open-plan coworking area. Natural daylight streams in through both the windows facing the large courtyard at the back and the street-facing windows. You’ll never lack for a view here. Break-out rooms or meeting rooms are situated at the end of the space, and cleverly located in an upstairs loft area. The acoustics of the workspace is excellent, helping you to concentrate wherever you sit.

Workero shares with Cloud House the vision of making great workspaces available to people wherever they are – literally or figuratively. Business centres such as Cloud House help solve Belgium’s mobility problem and improve people’s work-life balance by offering a solution for commuting struggles. And on the figurative side, young business owners (and an increasing amount of established businesses) do not want to commit to permanent office space. Well-situated and fully-equipped coworking spaces and business centres are crucial to businesses and entrepreneurs that want both office space and flexibility.

Cloud House and Workero are committed to making working as comfortable, sensible, and flexible as possible.

As Mike says, Cloud House’s vision is to “create an environment – that if someone comes [to Cloud House] for a day of working – they are at ease … and have everything they need in terms of technical facilities but also in terms of experience.”

If you find yourself in Antwerp and you need to rent a meeting room for the day or the hour, or if you are looking to rent space on a more on-going basis, Cloud House is the place to go.

Click on the button below to discover more about it and the many reasons why you should book a desk or a meeting room there today. Also take a look at the video below in which Mike Mol, co-founder of Cloud House, introduces us to the location.

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