We are in for exciting times as we deploy the biggest company office network in Europe. Join us today as an office provider or as a hero to work more flexibly and enjoy co-creation opportunities. Start working at companies that matter to you.

This is it. This is finally it.

We’re excited. Like an 8-year-old with a raging sugar high.

We just launched our new website!

This new website is like a jaguar. It’s a lean, mean,… office booking & knowledge-sharing machine. It’s quick, easy to use and very effective. If you’re looking for an office, scan what offices are available near you, take your pick and pounce on it. Office suppliers will be able to easily estimate how much revenue their empty space could generate. But we’ll get back to that later.

We can be Heroes

Heroes, remember when we promised we would provide a workspace near you, no matter where you are? Well, as of from Q1 2019 you’ll get to pick your workspace for the day, week, month or years to come. The current range of locations is only a start. We’ll keep on opening up new spots all over the country. Early 2019 you’ll have 15.000sqm, or 920 work units in 53 locations to choose from.

Working in an office near you has several benefits.

No more long commutes. Which means more time for what really matters: dinner with your family, drinks with your friends, workout at your crossfit box. You’ll be happier and become a better professional.

Exchange ideas

You’ll also get the opportunity to meet innovators, start-ups and peers. This can lead to beautiful things like, collaboration, inspiration, revolutionary ideas and even everlasting romance.

From cubicle to inspiring workspace

Tired of your own cubicle? Do the 4 walls of your boring office close in you? Simply go on the app and choose an inspiring workspace near you. A change of scenery brings ideas. And also productivity. Studies have shown that working in a different environment increases focus, concentration and your overall performance.

Becoming a provider of office space

Hi companies, you might know by now that 1 empty desk can generate up to 4800€/year. But did you know that you can calculate your yearly revenue in your pyjamas?

Give the number of private offices, desks or meeting rooms you’d like to make available, and you’ll immediately get a projected yearly income. But your income isn’t only thing that will increase.

Calculate your earnings now

Co-creation and innovation

You’ll also boost the sense of innovation in your company. By sharing office you and your employees will end up meeting employees from different companies, startups and other innovators. This will lead to collaboration and new exciting ideas, and will most likely help you solve lingering problems. Engaging with innovators has become critical for survival in a constantly changing environment.

For start-ups, on the other hand, attaching themselves to a big company provides them with access to resources, legitimacy, and the scope they need to scale-up their businesses.

Our technology, your location

As a company, you’ll also be able to use our technology internally through the ‘our technology, your location’-program. This is how it works: if you have unused or underused spaces, or different locations, you can use our technology solely for your employees and collaborators. This means that your team members can book their desk freely in any of your locations, which will definitely boost their happiness and subsequently their overall performance. It’ll also allow you to monitor the occupancy rate of your different office spaces at any time.

So, there you have it

Go ahead and use the website to its full extent. Sign in as Hero or a Supplier and start reaping the benefits of your network of workspaces and peers.