Discover the latest features our development team has been working on lately.

We’ve been working hard these past few weeks. We’ve made some massive improvements that will give you a better experience, so without further ado, here’s our latest Integrated Workspace Management Software features:

  • The cancellation process will offer automatic calculations of penalties and refunds.
  • Bookings for longer periods will no longer be a hassle.
  • You’ll have an easier time talking to the members of our community.
  • And, we’re proud to announce 4 new partners to our growing network

Improvements and latest features added

Our Algorithm has become an even more effective lean, mean matchmaking machine. You’ll find your perfect matches based on skills, industry interest and behaviour in the Workero environment. We’ve also included the total amount of heroes that we think are a fit for you to connect with.

Cancelling a booking just became a whole lot easier as the latest feature hits the platform. You already had the possibility to cancel a booking free of charge. You just needed to do it before a set date. But as of today, you’ll get a notification if you’re nearing that date. So, no more surprises. If you do cancel after that date, you’ll immediately know what amount you will be charged.

Important release on 19/06/19

You’ll have a better experience when booking a private office for the long haul. You can now easily change your mind while booking. It’s easier for you to schedule a visit with this latest feature. And you’ll have access to more information about the price, the location and the hosting company. All in a matter of clicks.