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The essence of our Workplace Management Software?MeerMinder

A data driven office building and real estate solution with focus on tenant and user experience.

Our aim is to facilitate hybrid working for companies and add value for the building owner

An office booking platform

Our SaaS software has been designed to create a digital twin of your office portfolio. Flexibility in rules, regulations, office / building configuration are key to ensure a perfect UX for office employees / building tenants.

Communication Management

A well structured communication is important to streamline the office / building function.

Tenant satisfaction

Through a process of integrated digital twin creation and at the same time creating a seamless user experience through centralized communication, we contribute to enhanced tenant satisfaction

Data lake visualization and analytics

A strong dashboard on all office and or building components based on space usage, BMS data and portfolio analytics for ESG purpose

Optional products

Office marketplace

Why not bring your unused office / building space directly to the market, creating a revenue generator

Visitor management

The visitor management system allows you to control in an automated way the visitor handling at your reception.


Discover all the features and possibilities on our product movie


What are the requirements to bring in office space on the marketplace?MeerMinder

We focus on office space and or buildings that have a professional look and where the necessary services can be guaranteed.

Corporate organizations: Bring in your unused office space and connect with our Integrated Workplace Management software application

Business centers / Co-working: Use the Workero marketplace as distribution for your private offices, coworking desks and meeting spaces.

Landlords / Real estate companies: Bring in your vacant offices / floors / Buildings and use the marketplace as distribution to generate new leads through our corporate network of users.

How do I create an account to book office space?MeerMinder

In order to make an actual booking you need to create your profile.

When you are on Workero.com click on the top right ‘Book a workspace’. You will be redirected to the booking engine.

Step 1: Sign up. Here we ask you to chose a way of using already established connectors such as Google, Linkedin or you can join by using your email and create a password.

Step 2: Complete your profile. It is important that you update your profile so that the office providers know who you are. Not doing so, will not allow you to enter the booking system.

Step 3: Make a payment profile. For that you need to go to your image icon (bottom left) and go to payment settings. Here you can add a credit card (Visa or Mastercard), Bancontact, Maestro and or use your company account or vouchers, if you have received an invitation from your company or a voucher was issued for you to use.

Step 4: Now you can search and make a real time booking. You will receive immediately back a confirmation of your booking and you are good to go.

If you needs assistance, please let us know on support@workero.com

What do you mean with 'The best of both worlds'?MeerMinder

For Real estate owners: By introducing IWMS into your building, you can offer the application to your tenants. Not only is this an added value for your building / tenants but you can understand the usage of your SQM at any given moment.

For Tenants / Companies : A next step in the hybrid working. Offer your employees the possibility to book any space at your office(s) / location(s), streamline building communication and extract valuable data that can either be standalone or where we bring in your building data, parking usage, etc.

How fast can we get on the marketplace?MeerMinder

Getting you online on the marketplace can happen in 24h.

Once you have agreed the terms & conditions, we then give you access to our backend supplier environment and you can define the products, pricing, upload images and bring in all relevant content.

We then do a check and translate in FR, NL and ES

When your office(s) go live, a notification is send to the whole network to announce the partnership on workero.com

How fast can we offer our employees access to the marketplace?MeerMinder

Allowing your employees to access the marketplace in a controlled way is easy and fast. In principle, we can activate the account in a matter of seconds.

When we have your relevant company data, you will have to invite your colleagues to the workero network and when they accept the invitation and have updated their profile, they can make a first reservation.

How fast can we activate the workplace management software?MeerMinder

The Workplace Management Software, depending on the size of the project, can be done in a time frame of 72h.

Should you want to move fast, then make sure you have the following data at hand.

Floor plan(s) Structure of your organization Rules if any Employee list

We then will start the setup and discuss the setup with you to validate the information. After which your account can be activated and invitations are send to all your employees.

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