Take a technological approach to facility management by utilising Workero's future-proof features.

Improving facility management means business wide upgrades. Even the best of businesses struggle with ensuring efficiency, something made increasingly complex since the Covid-19 pandemic. As facility management is essential to all areas of business operations, ensuring a comfortable and productive work environment starts here. In this article, we’ll outline three ways to upgrade your facility management for a more smoothly run organisation.

Why is improving facility management important?

The work of facility managers is never done. For those in any doubt, take away rule based parking, desk booking solutions and badge systems to see the result. As employee expectations change, good facility management can be the difference between retention and lengthy recruitment. Productivity, workforce efficiency and visitor experience are all affected.

Building regulations are updated often, therefore changes are necessary to remain compliant. This is of increasing importance in light of sustainablilty, the EU Green Deal and ESG requirements become reality.

Four ways to start improving facility management

Seek out integrated connectivity

improve facility management with connectivity

One way of improving your facility management is through connectivity. If a company can harness all technology at its disposal, it will be better placed to excel. Automation is a key way to make huge leaps forward.

Let’s take a look at a practical example. Generating reports can be a lengthy, time-consuming process. For years, facility managers have manually extracting reports on everything from operational efficiency to energy consumption. With Workero you have easy access to a centralised and integrated customised dashboard. Exporting this essential information is just a few clicks away, saving you valuable time.

Forecasting with analytics and workplace reporting

Improving facility management with forecasting

Another way of improving facility management is through forecasting. For those in FM, it’s imperative that you have overviews of your facilities. Using data, analytics and workplace reporting can make a huge difference in this regard. By having the necessary information at your disposal, predictive action can be taken in advance. If you see that office space usage is naturally lower on Mondays and Thursday, you can optimise energy use in response.

In light of EU Commissions reports that roughly 75% of the EU building stock is energy inefficient, improving facility management has never been more important. This means that a large part of the energy used goes to waste. Keeping track of energy usage isn’t just achievable but necessary. Improving facility management means preparing yourself today for the EU Green Deal and ensuring ESG compliance.

We offer detailed workplace reporting, allowing facility managers to improve workspace utilisation for both company gains and staff wellbeing. Transparent overviews and assessments of essential workspace metrics ultimately means unlocking answers to present and future problems.

Upgrade your assets and technology

improving facility management by upgrading

The last piece of advice we have to help you improve your facility management is by upgrading your assets and technology. Stale or rigid technology has no place in modern business. If it doesn’t evolve, it could end up costing you more in time, resources and money to switch later.

At Workero, we offer a future-proof solution to improving facility management. With continual developments and new features, we continue to optimise in direct collaboration with our clients. Many features currently included as part of our workplace management software has its roots in client requests.

If you have an idea that’s not yet available, just reach out to our team and we will happily discuss options.