Safety is the first step to having a secure workplace. Start optimising your emergency response with Workero's future-proof workplace solution.

From startups to corporations, businesses will have some form of emergency planning in place. They should at the very least explain these to staff, both new and existing. Although legal specs vary from country to country, businesses will often have some form of dedicated staff to support staff during rare emergencies. We are happy to announce the arrival of a new feature making workplaces more safe! As part of our Workplace Management Software, Workero make it easier to locate these invaluable members of your team with inclusion of an emergency module.

Improve workplace safety for essential wellbeing

improve safety in the workplace with Workero

There is a lot of talk about employee wellbeing. From smart office solutions to employee wellness, everyone from HR to facility managers are seeking quick answers. Within these conversations, the importance of efficient health and safety can be lost. Isn’t this the most essential form of wellbeing? Responsible employers need to cover these needs before tackling the more complex issues such as expanding flexible working. If your company is seeking ways to integrate added value in the realm of health and safety, then we’ve got you covered.

Find your nearest first aid responder

improve safety at the workplace

First aid is a skill that can save lives. Without the correct first aid, a minor injury could worsen and, in rare situations, become fatal if no rapid medical attention is given. Accidents are surprisingly commonplace in workplaces. Techjury report that slips, trips, and falls account for 26% of nonfatal injuries in the workplace. Given the inevitability, injuries at the very least shouldn’t be allowed to deteriorate. Start allowing your staff to work and collaborate without the added worry of minor injuries becoming major.

As part of our evolving workplace management solution, we make it easy to locate members of your team who are trained in first aid. We display which lifesavers are checked in and the specific floor this designated member of staff is located on.

Facilitate top-notch fire safety

improve workplace safety

One of the highest priorities in any facility is fire safety. However, in order to stop and guard against the damage that fire does, essential steps are needed within the workplace. For the sake of all workers and guests at a workplace, an employer has a duty to maintain fire safety. As a result, the harm brought on by fire can be greatly reduced by being appropriately prepared. This starts with normative safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, sprinklers and accessible alarms.

Businesses will often designate specific individuals like Fire Stewards. Fire Stewards will make sure that staff within specific areas understand how to evacuate the building or area in general. As the fire steward exits the building or location, they will ensure their area has been cleared. If your area is clear, let the fire coordinator know. Within the emergency module, Workero highlight nearby fire stewards to ensure a fast response.

Follow the leader for easy evacuations

evacuation assembly area

The evacuation coordinator or evacuation steward is also highlighted within the Workero WMS. This makes sure everyone is leaving the building as soon as possible. Leaving a building is one thing, but leaving safely and within established protocol is the ideal way to reduce risk. Evacuation stewards are thus of the upmost importance to ensure damage control.

The evacuation officer ensures as much as possible that fire doors are closed while keeping exits clear of obstruction. Moreover, they work alongside the fire steward in the event of fire related emergencies, with both reporting on cleared areas.

Interested in learning more about how to improve workplace safety within your company? Book a demo to explore our future-proof solutions, or reach out to a member of our team for a customised solution.