Become paperless and start making that all importance first impression

The importance of visitor management can’t be overstated. Traditional front-desk activities were less than efficient. The days of logbooks and insecure processes are long gone. Streamlining and optimising how your guests are handled can be more than just an updating of processes. Part of your sale pitch to those important clients needs to be presenting yourself as a modern, efficient and secure business partner.

What is a visitor management system?

Workero Visitor Management System

To first understand the importance of visitor management, we need to define it. Administrators can employ technological upgrades alongside custom procedures known as “visitor management” to keep an eye on how visitors use a facility. However, this does not only apply to visitors. To control clients or temporary employees entering an office space, firms frequently utilize software that implements this system.

The importance of visitor management to businesses

You may have come into contact with visitor management software without realising. Think of the last time you were checking in to a hotel. You may have been greeted by reception staff, or used a tablet or other unmanned devices to complete this process. Not only does this collect information about guests that businesses deem relevant, but it connects the business to various stakeholders. Everyone from delivery drivers to guests and paying clients can benefit from a technological solution to visitor management.

Reduce administrative workload

The importance of visitor management starts with saving time. We know all too well the lengthy and often manual processes office managers are operating under. Having a visitor management system in place to handle guests in your business can help reduce administrative workload. By digitising your approach to guests, you reduce time spent handling guests, freeing up staff you previously committed to this task. Improve sustainability at the same time by saving on stationary costs & creating a paperless approach to visitor management within your facility.

Manage data securely

Manual processes are prone to human mistakes. Complicated paper work and lengthy paper trails leave businesses open to issues. Moreover, the general public are less than satisfied knowing their information isn’t secure. If you are seeking a paperless and secure experience, then why not start with how you manage your visitors? Using visitor management software or systems means utilising technology to streamline and optimise this process. This doesn’t have to be an impersonal experience, either! Allow your guests to receive instructions via their phone with real time updates upon arrival to guide them to their endpoint.

Improving the guest experience

As guests arrive to your workplace, businesses continue to seek ways to improve how they are handed. First impressions matter. Therefore, businesses with important clients can’t afford to treat guests differently. The importance of visitor management comes in the form of standardisation of the visitor experience. This can be achieved through our very own visitor management system. Visitors and employees easily signing in with their own smart phones presenting your company as modern, connected and efficient. Moreover, guests aren’t left to wander hallways looking for assistance. You can add your own look and feel alongside your company logo to the sign-in page to increase the visibility of your brand.

Keep your staff safe

The importance of visitor management can also be seen with safety and communication. Touchless sign-in became crucially important, ensuring Covid-friendly spaces.  It’s surprising that all businesses aren’t aware of who is on their premises at all times. Keeping your staff safe is a huge advantage of visitor management, as all guests are register to your database. Real time updates across your company ensures guests aren’t handled manually, keeping out unwanted guests.

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