Au-delà de l'innovation ouverte vers l'innovation écosystémique

We enable co-creation by facilitating co-location

Workero has the expertise and know-how to assist you in the creation of your own incubator
Notre technologie vous permet de transformer votre propre espace de bureau en un environnement de réseau et de co-création
The expertise in setting up a Workero incubator physical space

Rejoignez des organisations comme Decathlon et Procter & Gamble et ouvrez un espace d'écosystème de co-création développé par Workero

  • No company can do it all alone

    Qu'il s'agisse d'apprendre des meilleures pratiques de l'industrie, d'établir un lien avec un fournisseur ou de développer/inventer la prochaine mise à jour d'un produit/service, il y a toujours plus de personnes intelligentes qui ne travaillent PAS pour votre entreprise, que vous ne pourrez jamais en embaucher. De plus, la vitesse du changement est si élevée que chaque entreprise doit faire des choix en fonction de ses compétences internes et des domaines dans lesquels le monde extérieur peut l'aider.

Clients such as Procter & Gamble, Decathlon and many more…

...have understood the value that Workero provides towards an open innovative environment – including basics like booking engine, contracts, payments etc.

Workero enables you to re-apply what clients such as Procter & Gamble and Decathlon do for their Co-creation space

We have developed the digital tools and technology

From booking and processing payments through to security clearances and reviews - we will take care of the business side of things.

We can provide the physical know-how

This is part of our core DNA – a true expertise in setting up a Workero Co-creation physical space. Did we already tell you that our roots are in the largest Rental Office Space provider in Belgium, so trust us on this one.

Facilitating communication

Our digital tools also facilitate clear communication. Whether you are looking for a private space to discuss internal projects, or you are wanting to reach out to a larger community to create a digital ecosystem relevant to your business’ needs, we can provide an online space for you.

Keep focussed - Enabling you to keep focussed on what you do best

Nobody knows your business and Innovation processes like you do. Our target is to NOT get involved with these (unless requested), but rather allow you to outsource most of the other tasks that come from setting up a Co-Creation space.

Hence you focus on what you do best, we focus on what we do best, the fastest and least disruptive way towards having a world class co-creation space & community – digital and physically.

Get the word out!

The more you are willing to share with the outside world – in terms of needs and opportunities that you see, the more that “outsiders”” can help you – from Academic parties through to disruptive start-up’s, and creative companies or simply organisations that already have solved your challenge but for a different industry/application – its amazing how often the wheel still gets reinvented. So let us know what you would like to engage on, and we help you get that word out to the (innovative) world!

What are the steps that we follow ?

Eye Eye
You will remain in control, we are there to help you implement the changes as you see fit. We are eager to help you start innovating, but in order to do so successfully, we need to fully understand what you want to achieve and how “open” you want to be as a business when it comes to making connections.
Analyze Analyze
Based on this conversation, we analyse your target audience and ecosystem for the co-creation space.
Board Board
We propose a mood board for the design and lay-out of your future co-creation space.
Communication Communication
We discuss the workload in terms of communication towards your possible partners, existing and potential suppliers and your employees.
Together Together
We work (together) behind the scenes to bring the right companies and people within your company walls.

Thank you for your submission.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

We are eager to hear from you and see if we can meet your needs.

We speak innovation
As part of this initial contact we can also enable discussion of possibilities for you with our own
Workero Innovation Leader, John van der Linden
John van der Linden has 30+ year experience in Innovation Leadership - including at P&G in China and the USA - and until fairly recently was leading their Global Open Innovation (C&D) work for Fabric Care.

P&G / Stuart - Decathlon Erik Aerts opened their own incubator with Workero

L'innovation vient des start-ups en collaboration avec de grandes entreprises pour croître plus rapidement et devenir plus légères. Le Centre d'innovation de P&G Belgique, en collaboration avec Workero, nous a donné l'avantage de véritablement innover.
Andre Convents Serial Innovator Procter & Gamble