Our network keeps on growing. We're happy to introduce you to Glas Vandoren, an interior glass manufacturer in Werchter. This is what it's like to work in their workspace.

We’ve seen some beautiful workspaces while on the road.

We’ve worked in a spaceship in Melle where I was supervised by a deer.

This time our journey brought us to Werchter.

“Werchter?”, you ask, “why would you go to Werchter after the festivals? That town has nothing to offer.”


It’s home to another landmark: Our partner Glas Vandoren. Glas Vandoren is an interior glass solution provider. They offer custom-made products for interior decoration. Glas Vandoren is a rare kind of business. They’re masters of an ancient craft, but they use groundbreaking techniques to ply their trade. That’s what we love about them. That, and the fact that they’re located 43 steps away from the festival area. I counted. If you time it right you could work while Ed Sheeran, Florence and The Machine or Bon Jovi are belting out songs a mere 100 meters away.

The festivals aren’t the main reason to go work there, though. It’s the workspace. That spacious, fishbowl of a workspace. The amount of natural light that shines through the glass windows has an invigorating effect. No risk of dozing off or afternoon slumps. Their 16 sun-soaked coworking desks are well furnished and very comfortable. The meeting room is the epitome of class. And the roofed-in balcony is the perfect setting for romantic candle-lit dinners. It’s also suitable to serve as a meeting room or as an office space.

In short, their workspace is awe-inspiring. But it’s their culture that sets them apart.

High powered entrepreneur and CEO Pascal van Zuijlen is a firm believer in collaboration, innovation, and community. Glass manufacturing seems like a traditional and artisanal business. But according to him, it’s the complete opposite. Providing customer-centric solutions is impossible without knowledge-sharing and co-creation. This is how he put it:


van Zuijlen’s vision on entrepreneurship and innovation becomes even more apparent through his other company F&B team: “My partners and I created a start-up company called F&B team and an app called Connected Kitchen. This app allows us to take professional kitchens into the 21st century. The AI we use enables us to thoroughly track energy consumption. We’ve been able to detect significant leaks of energy and cut back expenses for hospitals and large companies.”

How could you not love to work in an environment where innovation and community reign supreme? It was a great day of working at Glas Vandoren. And I have no doubts that you’ll like it there too. But don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and try this bustling environment for yourself. Click on the button below and get all the info on Glas Vandoren.

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