On the Road: Smartwork

Par Lauren • fév 12, 2020 in On the road, Testimonials partners

When your speciality as a business is creating aparthotels to make your clients feel at home wherever they are, why constrict yourself to vacation hospitality? Our partner, Smartflats, is proof that you can get that same warm and homely feeling from an office space as from a holiday haven.

Our partner Smartflats’ slogan is: “Making you feel at home, far away from home.” Perhaps for its corpo-working space Smartwork, its mantra should be: “Helping you be productive AND feel at home, far away from your office.” By incorporating flexdesks in their hub, which oversees the business side and accommodation aspect of Smartflats, the atmosphere at this Workero location is welcoming and exciting in a way that is unique, as it combines working life with that holiday and homecoming feeling.

A small disclaimer in advance: there is a buzz around everything at both Smartflats and Smartwork, which can be felt even from the outside. Out of all Workero’s partner locations, Smartwork Monnaie is perhaps the most centrally located, at the heart of Brussels, just a stone's throw away from Place de la Monnaie and a mere five-minutes walk from the hustle and bustle of Grand Place. Whether you are in town for a short meeting and you’re looking to set up your desk someplace central, or you are hoping to become inspired by the zestful city surroundings, you are sure to find what you are looking for at Smartwork.

The buzz which it derives from its lively surroundings is also encapsulated in this space, created by the imaginativeness of the people working here. The workplace itself is also designed for this idea-sharing purpose. Although the space provides semi-closed off working booths on the fringes and private meeting rooms, the majority of the desks are connected at the centre of this location to further drive inspiration. So if you are looking for dead silence and an office where conversation and collaboration is kept to a minimum, this perhaps won't be the ideal location for you.

But if you are looking to engage with creative and innovative minds both in fields similar to yours or connected to your professional needs, then grab your chair and find a spot at the shared desk island! As Smartflats’ Ignacio Ayuga said: “It is not only the staff who are based here who are readily available to work together with others. There are also other companies and professionals from different backgrounds and professions who opt to work here to connect with others in an energetic environment.” He explained that this was one of the main drivers for the aparthotel firm to join the Workero community: to further drive this sense of connection and to build on its existing network.

Smartflats’ ‘feel at home’ mantra also seeps through in Smartwork Monnaie's design. From the casual but modern kitchen and dining area, which again accentuates the mingling attitude, to the exclusive terrace area (which includes a barbeque!), you don’t need two tries to guess what this company specialises in. There is even a cosy nook with a little napping area where you can relax and catch up on rest, if all the collaborating and networking has got you a little tired.

For nearly eight years, Smartflats has been working on understanding how people want to feel when staying abroad and how to cater to these wishes. Its commitment to meeting clients’ expectations and personalising their experiences is just one of many aspects where its concept collides with Workero’s. This expertise is what helped drive Smartflats’ success, and the company now offers almost 180 stylish aparthotels across Belgium, all of which offer the privacy and flexibility of a home whilst guaranteeing the comfort of a hotel. Whether in Leuven or in Liège, they are all centrally located and have all been carefully decorated by professional interior designers.

But enough about why we are proud to welcome Smartflats' Smartwork Monnaie into our network, watch the video testimonial to discover more about the Brussels’ corpo-working space and why they want you to rent a desk at their office!