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Par Workero • Jul 10, 2020
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    What is corpo-working and why should you consider it?

    Par Lauren • mar 31, 2020 in Featured, Startups

    Bien que les espaces de co-travail aient réussi à rassembler les entrepreneurs depuis des années, l'introduction des espaces de co-travail a révolutionné l'aventure des entreprises dans l'économie de l'innovation.

    Launch new Website

    Par Thierry • déc 07, 2018 in Featured

    Exciting times as we are ready to deploy the biggest company office network in Europe. Join us today as office provider or as hero to work more flexible and enjoy the co-creation opportunities. Start working @ companies that matter for you.

    On the road: Glas Vandoren

    Par • jui 16, 2019 in Featured, On the road

    Our networking keeps on growing. We're happy to introduce you to Glas Vandoren, an interior glass manufacturer in Werchter. This is what it's like to work in their workspace.