Our partner Audience Advantage has an open and welcoming atmosphere; with its characterful and light-filled office, good coffee, friendly people, and office dog, Pax, you’ll be sure to feel right at home and settle in to get a good day’s work done.

Coworking at Audience Advantage in Antwerp

When you first enter Audience Advantage, you’ll be ushered into a wide open workspace with industrial vibes, annexed by an enclosed meeting room. A whiteboard stretches the whole length of one of the walls. On it, you’ll find the workings of a software company that is currently transforming sales presentations. Audience Advantage’s business is to use storytelling, animations & augmented reality to transform sales funnels. Forget about PowerPoint. This company takes presentations to a whole new level and infuse them with professionalism.

And indeed, there’s nothing PowerPointy about their offices either. The relaxed and light-filled ground floor leads – by way of stairs – to a break room on the first floor that speaks of connecting and having fun together. There you’ll find coffee, a kitchen, a pool table, a lounge, and more. The whole space – above and below – clearly reflects Audience Advantage’s values of welcoming and collaborating with others. (And maybe it’s a bit like a person sitting in front of a Zoom camera, (except this time, it’s the other way around): party on the top, business on the bottom).

The company’s Director, Tom Lauwerys, emphasises that it is precisely this attitude of collaboration that drew them to Workero and opening Audience Advantage’s offices for coworking. “It’s about more than just working space; it’s about sharing knowledge, having fun working together, and spending time together. Having lived through the pandemic and being cooped up in our houses, everyone has come to realise just how important these aspects are. It’s about time that we reconnect again,” says Tom.

It’s about time we reconnect again

Finally there is Pax, the very polite office dog, who will greet you in his calm and friendly manner. Every now and then, you might hear the patter of his feet as he first goes to keep people on the ground floor company, and then goes upstairs to lay beside his master. This is really, as Tom says, an office with a relaxed atmosphere and where there is space – figuratively and literally – to ask questions and be creative.

Watch the video below to get a look inside Audience Advantage’s relaxed and inspiring location in Antwerp: click here to book a desk or a meeting room there, and we’ll see you there soon!

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