The Facility Ticketing System from Workero is designed to be efficient and adaptable. With the help of our effective and smooth solution, start enhancing your facility management company-wide.

Before facility ticketing systems, facility managers relied on manual processes to manage facility-related requests, complaints, and issues. This involved using paper-based systems or spreadsheets to track requests, a time-consuming and error-prone process. In the absence of a centralized system, facilities staff manually assigned tasks, prioritize requests, and communicated updates to end-users. This often led to delays, miscommunication, and a lack of transparency.

Overall, managing facilities before the advent of facility ticketing systems was a manual and time-consuming process that often lacked transparency and accountability. The introduction of facility ticketing systems has revolutionized the way facility managers manage their facilities, providing a centralized, automated system that streamlines processes and increases efficiency.

Key features of Workero’s Facility Ticketing System

Workero's facility ticketing system

Workero’s Facility Ticketing System from Workero is quick, responsive, accessible, and useful. We offer a simple, step-by-step procedure for filing maintenance requests and other concerns. Users can submit tickets using their mobile devices, which enables them to swiftly alert facility administrators to problems. Users can easily communicate with admins via the system, and admins can respond to user requests directly, keeping users updated on the progress of their issues. The system also offers sophisticated capabilities, such as the ability to filter and sort requests, add categories to group them, and allocate them to particular buildings and departments. These aspects improve facility management by assisting facility managers in being productive and organized.

Fast and responsive

facility ticketing system form

When submitting facility ticket requests, it should be easy to navigate. Here at Workero, we are making it easier to report issues that arise across your operations. For users and admins alike, we have prioritised ease of use and speed and responsiveness. A simple step-by-step process guides you through the required fields, with tickets being able to be submitted in less than a minute.

Accessible and practical

mobile facility ticketing system

Tickets for maintenance requests and problems are found while on the move through company spaces. That’s why Workero’s Facility Ticketing System emphasises accessibility and practicality. Submitting your requests through mobile devices means you can bring issues to the attention of facility managers and admins quickly when and where you find them.

Reply to requests

facility ticketing system respond to request

How a company reports issues is representative of a businesses overall ability to communicate. Outreach shouldn’t exist in an echo chamber. Users expect to be kept informed about the status of their requests or issues. The Workero Facility Ticketing System provides the ability to reply to the original request, keeping users in the know about the status of their request. The facility ticketing system from Workero helps to keep employees informed and assures them that their requests have been received and are being handled in a timely manner. Additionally, the system enables facility managers to respond with important follow-up questions if additional information is required to adequately address or locate the issue being raised.

Filter and reassign to stay organised

workero facility ticketing system filter

Staying organised when dealing with facility management reporting is the key. That’s why we ensure you can filter and sort the list of requests to stay on top of any and all facility requests. Another great feature of our facility ticketing system is the ability to add categories to organise your requests.  Moreover, assign them to the specific buildings and across multiple departments, for clearer identification. Not all requests will be valid for the facility manager themselves, that’s why we’ve made it possible to reassign tickets to the appropriate department.

How does Workero’s Facility Ticketing System help improve operations?

Centralise Management with Workero’s Facility Ticketing System

Workero’s Facility ticketing system streamlines operations through it’s offer of a centralized platform for managing facility-related activities. Facility managers can more easily track and manage tasks by consolidating all requests into one system. This reduces the time and effort spent on manual communication and record-keeping, freeing up staff to focus on other aspects of facility management. A centralized system also provides greater transparency and accountability, since all users can access and track the progress of their requests in real-time.

Increased efficiency across operations

A facility ticketing system optimizes operational efficiency by automating facility-related service requests, reducing the workload for facilities staff and improving response times. With real-time updates and notifications, the system enhances communication and streamlines the process. It also provides valuable data that facilities managers can use to identify trends and areas for improvement. This results in a more efficient and effective facility management. This improved efficiency leads to better service delivery and increased user satisfaction, making a facility ticketing system an essential tool for facility managers seeking to enhance their operations.

Better Data Collection and Analysis for Facility Cost Reduction

A facility ticketing system provides a wealth of data to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement. Inspecting repeat defects across requests can easily identify persistent issues with the same equipment across your facilities. Finding areas for facility cost reduction and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of repairing versus replacing. This can help facilities managers make informed decisions about how to optimize facility operations.

Compliance and Accountability

Facility ticketing systems can help with compliance by providing an automatic and centralized platform for managing facility tasks. This system helps facilities staff to track and document activities, ensuring adherence to protocols and procedures. These records can serve as proof of compliance. This is especially helpful for audits or inspections, reducing the risk of penalties for non-compliance. This ensures that facilities comply with regulations by regularly inspecting and maintaining them. Ultimately, facility ticketing systems improve compliance by providing a clear and efficient platform for managing facility activities, ensuring that facilities meet regulatory standards.

Need a facility ticketing system for your own operations?

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