Finding Facility Management solutions that are integrated should be easy. Thankfully, Workero has a centralised solution to your facility management needs. Start enabling peak understanding of your space usage by leveraging the true technological benefits that are at your disposal.

How does Workplace Management Software achieve facility management solutions?

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As a centralised and integrated tool for office spaces or building use, Workero offer Workplace Management Software or WMS to enable space utilisation and office optimisation. Facility Managers can implement our technology to increase workplace collaboration, improve productivity, optimise space and enhance employee satisfaction & retention. Being able to easily access spaces as part of your company’s hybrid or flexible working policy is essential to ensuring efficiency, productivity and employee wellbeing.

Reduce costs from cleaning to energy use

Save money

In this paragraph, we’ll use an example to illustrate. Imaging you have just switched your team to a hybrid way of working for increased flexibility. Parts of your office space will be utilised effectively, while others will remain untouched. You may be wasting precious time, energy and money on untouched spaces. With our technology, you can target areas of your facility that have been used. This saves you time and resources on unnecessary cleaning services across the entire office. Our heatmap technology keeps you truly informed with what specific areas of the office have been used. This alongside our dashboard reporting gives you real overviews of energy usage, providing valuable insights into opportunities for savings.

A centralised facility management solution

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One key problem highlighted by the facility managers we engage with is channel hopping. With so many platforms to manage various processes and procedures, Facility Management can become slow and a victim of lost time. Our Workplace Management Software saves you time and centralises your work. As a facility manager, you can start monitoring multiple buildings & office floors from one centralised environment for peak efficiency. Workero’s software allows you to create a community board allowing for communication. This is especially important for highlighting other added value services you offer such as the upcoming events, maintenance or updates.

Solve parking problems once and for all

Electric Vehicle EV Charging

In order to truly offer tenant and employee wellbeing, you need a real solution to parking problems. As a result, our Workplace Management Software allows you to establish parking regulations while distinguishing between pool and fixed parking. We have extended our facility management solution to include timing for using electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to ensure equitable access.  Work should be one smooth & connected experience, and parking solutions are an integral part of space optimisation.

Facility Management Solutions through Visitor Management

Workero Visitor Management System

Allowing visitors to your business to enter seamlessly is a key attraction to both clients and guests. Workplace Management Software acts as Facility Management solution through important warnings, simple check-in and check-out, and late arrival notifications. Our standalone visitor management program is deployed at your front desk for quicker visitor interaction. We understand the need for features that enhance the employee and visitor experience. Consequently, we made this a top priority. With our rules based system, Facility Managers will be able to segment users, visitors, guests and C-Level employees appropriately. Convenience is key to ensure ease of use, so relieving administrative hassle should be top priority.

Employee well-being and retention

Facility Management Solutions for flexible office space

The ‘War for Talent’ clearly still plagues companies seeking the best and brightest candidates. Workplace Management Software can offer a solution to attracting new staff and ensuring employee retention. Giving your team the chance to explore different locations, and the ability to book desks from anywhere, enhances collaboration. By expanding flexible working provisions, your business can now offer more flexibility to your employees as well as freedom of choice of where to work from.

Company culture eats strategy for breakfast, so start building one based on trust, responsibility, and performance as opposed to micromanagement and lack of direction.

Unlock vital data as a facility management solution

Workero Dashboard Reporting for Facility Management

Workero allows for integration of various data into one centralised dashboard. Consolidating data and extracting these vital statistics can be beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly, for ESG reporting, your customised dashboard is tailored to display relevant statistics including temperature, energy usage and Co2 levels. Secondly, this contributes to employee wellbeing through increased sustainability efforts. Lastly, it gives you as a Facility Manager greater insights into the real cost of your office space per square metre.

Monetise empty spaces in your office

Workero Office Network Decathlon

As previously mentioned, space in offices are increasingly vacant. Given the rise of flexible and hybrid working, this is a growing problem which needs solving. With Workero’s heatmaps, you can quickly identify empty spaces and transform these into bubbling hubs of collaboration. Our office space network allows you to rent out your empty space to create innovative and communal space for external talent and stakeholders. Check out how we provided this exact solution at Decathlon to open up their space to talent and like-minded professionals. This allowed Decathlon to leverage external innovation, tap into growing startups and SMEs, and to inspire their current workforce through the Workero network. Interested in discovering their spaces for yourself? Check out their Decathlon Evere location.

Finally, you can start solving your facility management problems today with Workero’s Integrated Workplace Management Software. We offer a customised Facility Management solution alongside 1to1 support. Get started quickly and efficiently with our straightforward onboarding process.

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