Relocation Belgium specialises in helping you relocate international employees, and is thus all about flexibility. That’s why they joined Workero, the largest office-sharing network in Europe. Not only are they making working more flexible by helping companies relocate staff, they are also opening their offices for coworking.

In their own words, Relocation share a very inviting message to their soon-to-be clients. «New country, new job, new house, new school, new language, new friends, we wish you the warmest welcome to your new chapter. We are a destination service provider offering immigration and relocation services to companies located in Belgium and their international employees».

Relocation Belgium’s office is walking distance from the train station, Gent-Sint-Pieters. Simplicity and calm lines define their offices space.

You can either book a spot in their open office space, book a separate meeting room, or even take your laptop and retreat to a corner or the outside space. There’s bound to be just the right spot for you.

Make yourself at home in this tranquil space!

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