InterIT Situado en Wetteren, Belgium

15, Neerhonderd, 9230, Wetteren


Desk Office 8

Oficina privada

Private Office 2

Sala de eventos

Event Room 0

Salas de reuniones

Meeting Room 1

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InterIT NV offers your organization the perfect integration solution of your IT infrastructure. In the field of corporate networks, servers, communication etc. we guide you from A to Z. We go even further. Based on a thorough analysis of the needs of your company and activity, we draw a complete concept. We guide your budget in choosing the right technology and hardware. Our team of specialists takes care of the installation, configuration and implementation in your existing environment.

Espacios disponibles

8 Desks
8 Escritorios, Ground Floor
Private Office 1P
Oficina privada, 8 m², 1 Sillas
Private Office 2P
Oficina privada, 12 m², 2 Sillas
Meeting room 12P
Salas de reuniones, 20 m², 10 Sillas

Heroes que trabajan aquí

Karel Vyncke

INTERIT supports your company with its digital transformation & end-to-end ICT-strategy, design & support.

Terah Lamont

Sales driven Solution Architect - Helping midmarket and enterprise companies with effective digitalization.