On the Road: Xcellerate

por • ene 23, 2020 in On the road, Testimonials partners

When visiting our newest partner, Xcellerate, we got to experience the bliss of working in rural areas and avoiding the city's hustle and bustle.

Bye bye big city, hello countryside. This is exactly how I felt when heading towards Xcellerate’s office in Zwevezele. Sometimes, it can be a relief to escape metropolitan madness, with its loud traffic and abundance of people.

At my destination, you don’t need to worry about parking tickets or low-emission zones. Just park in front of the door and let your gaze wander around the main square of this peaceful village. Even before setting a foot in the door, you will feel zen, relaxed and ready to get to work.

"At Xcellerate, you don’t need to worry about parking tickets or low-emission zones."

Upon entering Xcellerate’s office, you immediately receive a warm welcome from the team, of which everyone is genuine and polite. They will guide you towards one of their seven flex desks, where you might encounter a fellow freelancer, IT developer or other creative and driven people from the Workero network.

One of the biggest assets of this location is the sense of familiarity: Xcellerate consists of a small team in a small office with plenty of natural light flowing into the rooms. The chesterfield sofa at the centre of the area is a nice add-on that fits the location perfectly.

When working in an office environment with a small amount of desks, there’s a natural push to interact with the people around you and working alongside you. The Xcellerate team is always happy to get to know the Heroes that choose their space to work in, curious to find out whether there might be a match between your business and their business as IT experts.

Founder Frederic Allaert is an inspiring Workero ambassador, and was convinced from the very beginning that he wanted to open up his location to external parties. Xcellerate sees Workero as its window to a world of opportunities to co-create with any relevant match within the network.

"The Xcellerate team is always happy to get to know the Heroes that choose their space to work in."

For Frederic, IT is the secret to a happy and efficient worker, so sitting alongside these focused and driven techies, you might feel encouraged to raise your productivity level. After all, doesn’t the name say it all?

Xcellerate’s solutions are made to speed up your business. This method of working has been subtly integrated into their office spaces: The meeting room, for example, is equipped with the newest technology, allowing you to execute group calls and stream easily in order to get the most out of your meeting.

Xcellerate’s co-working space radiates warmth, not only because of the steaming coffee they serve, but because of the team at your disposal in this well-situated location at the heart of West-Flanders.

If you are looking to put a stop to wasting hours being stuck in traffic jams and you are getting tired of noisy city centres,working at Xcellerate could be the solution for you.

These are all the reasons why we are thrilled to welcome Xcellerate to our community, but we were even more excited to find out why Xcellerate's founder Frederic Allaert knew from the start he wanted to be a part of Workero.