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What are our Heroes saying about us?

Sarah - 32 - Founder at Social Media Voor Bedrijven

Workero is a great solution for me and colleagues. First of all, it's corporate networking, we can book offices at companies where normally we would never come. Second, the app is easy to use on the go. Third, we're always on the road, it's nice to know we don't have to be stuck in traffic, but we have a place to work wherever we are.

Idriss - 27

Founder PropTech Lab Belgium

The 24/7 access, the different top locations, and the ease of use make Workero my favorite workspace provider. I really recommend it!

Dirk Vos

GDPR Consultant

I am currently at Aaltra and the reservation went without problems, the APP is well put together. What is the biggest advantage of the formula for me? The flexible way of booking. This flexibility is Workero's greatest asset for me. In the second place also the cost price: it is of such a nature that I do not feel limited to reserve as much as I want.

So very positive first impressions. I think that many flex workers will find this an interesting formula.

Still have questions?

  • What if I need to cancel?

    You can cancel your space booking at any time as long as you respect the booking terms. In general, you can cancel every desk booking up to 6 PM the day before, this free of...

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  • What plan should I chose?

    Depending on your coworking needs you can choose either the Camper or Lightweight plan. When choosing a plan, you can make the bookings for that specific location or locations (Nomad plan is coming in Q1 2019). Choose already a light plan and...

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  • Is it really for free? Are there no costs?

    Yes, We encourage you to join the Workero network for free... yes, really for free. Forever. You can enjoy the community platform and build up your connections with industry peers. And pay-as-you-go when you need to book office space. You can combine...

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  • Download the mobile application

    Don't forget to download our mobile application. It will not only allow you to book in a few clicks, but also to stay tuned with the network and connect, post, chat whenever you want and keep an eye on the events that...

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