• Monetize unused office space

  • Co-creation is the future game

  • Initiate innovation and change

  • Your eco-system - Your future

  • Your unused company office space can bring revenue. Don't sit with empty office space. Bring them into Workero and let them work for you.

  • Get that fresh air in. Attract new people, new startups, new businesses and see what's happening. You might be surprised. A great way for constant interaction with your staff.

  • Why not focus on bringing the best of the best into your company and stay ahead of your competition? Open up your office and take the lane to innovation.

  • Create that bustling ecosystem of businesses around your company and drive co-creation. Innovative ideas are not far.

You'll be surprised how new people can shake up your company

Opening up your office to other employees and independent workers doesn’t just inject energy and deliver networking opportunities. It creates a stimulating environment for innovation and productivity.

Don't take our word for it. Ask Accenture; more than 2/3 of large companies value collaboration with entrepreneurs to drive innovation - almost half of them expect that collaboration to accelerate disruptive innovation. Exciting isn't it?

With Workero, you can turn a vacant desk into a hub of innovation. When people connect, amazing things happen: new alliances, more learnings and even new business opportunities. Ready to pioneer?

Why join Workero

A vast network of
office space

Besides opening up your office space, why not give your employees access to a vast network of office space at any of the locations or industries you allow them to. With over 40 locations in the network and growing, we provide your employees with the necessary short or long term solution for office space.

The world is changing. Mobile workforce is the new trend

Mobility is a hot topic in Belgium. Allow your employees to use their time in a more productive way. Set meetings at any of our locations. Create a temporary office for 1 month or simply book for 1 hour avoiding traffic jam.

Your day-to-day mobile work tool

With our mobile application, (we call it the 'office road runner') you can book any space at any moment in a matter of seconds. Our app guides you to the nearest workspace while connected to live traffic management. On top of that you can follow your network, see posts and stay tuned on the latest events of the companies in the Workero network. What's not to like!

A strong co-creation platform

When working at other companies your employees will meet new people. Isn't that the essence of business? We thrive for people to connect and start co-creation and who knows what happens? Guide your company into the new way of working and join Workero.

Companies opening up office space

Did you know that....

How do I join?

  • Fill out the form

    Provide us with some details on your organization and office structure.

  • Talk to our team

    One of our account managers will contact you, answer your questions and together you will discuss the opportunities.

  • Setup and off you go

    You're now ready to rent your space in the network and/or bring in your people in Workero offering them a flexible way of working.

Not sure yet if this is something for your company? Let us surprise you.

Just set up an online demo with our colleagues and we bet you will love it. After all, what's not to love, when you can monetize office space and offer your teams a flexible way of working.