• Your office space anywhere

  • We care about your work-life balance.

  • Workero works on any device

  • A wide variety of office products

  • You choose at which company you want to work. Today you can book a desk at the P&G office, tomorrow you can set up your startup at EY.

  • Reduce commute times, work flexibly and get access to major companies. Say goodbye to hours in traffic.

  • Use our application for instant reservations. Stay updated on your community and share your experiences or chat with one of your contacts.

  • With Workero, you can book at one of the locations for 1 hour, set up a quick meeting in one of the meeting rooms or rent an office for 6 months.

Discover the very essence of flexible working

By becoming part of the Workero community, you're breaking down walls and unlocking possibilities. As a Hero, you can tap into mountains of knowledge and experience vibrant, new environments every day. You can work remotely, whilst staying connected with the business world.

Our partners are keen to witness the brewing of your fresh ideas in their offices. You can ask them for advice and they can challenge you. In the end, you can do business in the best way: smart and hassle-free. Because you are the future. Year after year, global corporations significantly increase collaboration with independent workers and consultants. By working in their spaces, you will already be way ahead of the game.

What else?

A vast professional office network at your disposal

Whether you are looking for a state-of-the-art meeting room to impress clients, an office space for three months, or a collaborative hub to reach out to peers, Workero has something for you. Book, work, meet and connect in just a few clicks. Two-thirds of millennials would switch other benefits to live closer to a more dynamic workplace. Would you?

Connect, engage and explore the knowledge of the company you are working at

Imagine if you could work at any company of your choice and immediately become connected with the employees of that company? Thanks to the Workero community, you can start connecting and share ideas with them in a matter of seconds.

Build your network and become part of our fast-growing tech community

Workero is opening up offices to create a new and collaborative business world. As a Hero, you liven up the vibe in other people's offices. From a digital aspect, you can explore new projects, discover jobs and engage with other Heroes.

Co-creation at its best

This is more than a professional network. By joining Workero, you open doors and strengthen your community. Take advantage of network events with other workers that share your interests. Or simply connect, meet and grab a quick coffee at any of the Workero locations.

How do I join?

  • Register to Workero with your LinkedIn profile

  • Verify your profile and update your preferences

  • You can now access the community and start booking office space.