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  • Allow your employees to work at any company of their choice, giving them the opportunity to work in a professional environment and create new business opportunities.

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  • Reducing the commute time of your employees and increasing flexibility will boost productivity, and allow you to engage and retain talent.

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  • Use our mobile app for instant reservations, plan your drive and stay connected with others through the community.

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  • Yes, you're right. Workero leads to happier employees, increased productivity and a better work-life balance.

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Why join Workero?

A vast network of professional office space

Give your employees access to a vast network of office space at any of the locations or industries you allow them to. With over 40 locations in the network and growing, we provide your company and your employees with the necessary short or long term solution for office space. Ranging from private office space to coworking desks to meeting spaces. The choice is yours.

Mobility is the key

Mobility is a much-discussed topic in Belgium. Allow your employees to use their time in a more productive way. Set meetings at any of our locations. Create a temporary office for one month or simply book for one hour to avoid traffic.

Your day-to-day mobile work tool

With our mobile app, you can book any space at any moment in a matter of seconds. Our app guides you to the nearest workspace while connected to live traffic management. On top of that, you can follow your network, see posts and stay tuned on the latest events of the companies in the Workero network. What's not to like!

We drive innovation

When working at other companies, your employees meet new people. Our community managers are passionate about bringing people together and encouraging co-creation.

How do I join?

  • Fill out the form

    Provide us with some basic information so we can contact you and schedule a demo or live meeting.

  • Talk to our team

    We will contact you to discuss the possibilities and see your requirements in order to implement the best possible solution for your company.

  • Set up and off you go

    Give access to your employees and allow them to work flexible.

Book a DEMO session

Do you need more understanding of what Workero can bring to your company? Simply schedule a demo session with one of our account managers and they will be happy to show you how this shift can bring value.