How innovating with P&G at the Brussels Inqbet Campus can benefit your company

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There are many ways in which working at P&G's headquarters can boost your company, from the ground-breaking facilities to working with innovative partners. We took a look at the benefits and what makes this location unique.

As we announced last month, Procter and Gamble has decided to partner up with Workero to open up one of its locations for the first time in the company’s history in a bid to fast-track innovation through co-location and co-creation.

The Brussels InQbet Campus (B.I.C.) @ P&G, located in P&G’s Brussels headquarters, combines the availability of flexible coworking and office rental spaces, provided by Workero and Interoffices, with access to the company's R&D facilities like a consumer lounge, prototyping facilities and pilot plant.

External innovation

By opening up its doors, it gives external professionals the opportunity to become part of a wider innovation ecosystem facilitated by Workero and P&G's partner, the Growcery. Here, P&G hopes to develop new and more productive capabilities to fuel better and faster innovation linked to the existing product platforms on site.

It also aims to ideate, develop and sell products faster leveraging the unique site capability with a vision of turning an idea into a prototype and sell it in one week.

This project was partly supported by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO), which helped P&G create a state-of-the-art prototyping unit, facilitating the creation of one to over 5000 prototypes and seeding innovation in the region.

By opening up its spaces through Workero, P&G has made these facilities available to partners to bring to life their ideas, which can then be scaled on a market level.

A unique opportunity

Stuart Askew, Senior Director of P&G R&D and B.I.C. External Innovation leader, explains what P&G hopes to achieve by opening up its location.

“We are looking to develop an open campus for innovation here in Brussels, to create new ideas and squeeze time on our innovation lifecycle with startups and suppliers, working together with our partners like Workero, EFRO and the Growcery.

“The site at Brussels is a unique site for P&G with a focus on Fabric and Home care innovation.

"It’s an ‘End to End’ Site, meaning at one end, we innovate on new global platforms, focused on new products, packages, engineering processes and services and at the other end we serve the Benelux markets and beyond via commercialisation of those products and services.

“This gives us a unique opportunity to test new ideas along the full product lifecycle from idea to launch, and pilot new opportunities.”

Innovative areas of special interest

Stuart highlights some of P&G’s areas of special interest within this project which cover growing innovation capability, improving innovation productivity and delivering new products to market.

“P&G has a special interest in innovation linked to our site vision, for example sustainability, where we need open innovation to create a truly circular economy and support our developing Brand ambitions."

Another area of special interest relates to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as Stuart explains: “(We also have a special interest in) Industry 4.0 digital transformation technologies, where we know we can learn a lot from startups and scale-ups in particular, and which can benefit R&D, Engineering and Commercial needs on the site."

Mutually beneficial

The B.I.C. @ P&G will be opened up to any partners that want to join and benefit from the facilities. Stuart highlights the many advantages of working within this framework:

“There is the ability to benefit from our consumer lounge, the new prototyping facilities built with EFRO, and our pilot plant for research purposes, as well as working with P&G and working physically within the Workero centre.”

Stuart emphasises that collaborations within this ecosystem will work as a two-way street, as he explains: “We want the campus to have mutual benefits both for the partners who come to work here and Procter and Gamble.”

To have a closer look at the Campus concept, the facilities and how they are interconnected, navigate your way around the building through the virtual 360 degree tour of the campus. Click on the photo below!

Virtual Tour Brussels InQbet campus.png

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