Dirk in Barcelona

by • Oct 15, 2019 in Events

Our CEO Dirk is on a roll. After speaking at the European Committee for the Regions, he’s headed to Barcelona Meeting Point, the most important real estate exhibition in Spain. Find out why.

Our CEO Dirk Paelinck is on a roll.

After speaking at the European Committee for the Regions, he’s headed to Barcelona Meeting Point in Barcelona. The 23rd edition of the BMP is a hotspot for innovation and networking in real estate. It’s the most important real estate exhibition in Spain. On October 16th at 16.00 he’ll be giving a keynote on PropTech. More particularly on:

  • how digitization allows flexible management of workspaces
  • new models of commercialization of spaces and services
  • the influence of coworking on the valuation of commercial real estate.

We are the actual proof of how digitalization changes things in real estate. Our own online platform allows companies to rent out their offices to freelancers, startups and even other companies. It turns underused and empty workspaces into money-generating innovation hubs. By inviting professionals in your office you have immediate and unprecedented access to innovative minds and refreshing ideas.

On top of that, corporations can use our software for internal use. A large corporation might want to evaluate the use of their workspaces. Detailed insights on workspace usage entail efficient workspace and HR policies. Our tool makes that happen. By incorporating the different workspaces in the internal tool, employees can now book the office they want to work at. That way, property managers can know when certain workspaces are used and why. A certain meeting room might be better suitable for brainstorming sessions than another. Or a satellite office might not be used at all and can, therefore, be cut from the office portfolio.

The third topic is on digitalization and commercial real estate owners. We are convinced that commercial real estate owners should make a shift from B2B to B2C. An office is traditionally marketed as a product. But recent changes in customer behavior require a new approach. According to us, an office isn’t about selling a product, it’s about delivering a service.

The focal point isn’t the REIT anymore, it’s everyone who sets foot into the building. Real estate is more B2C than ever before. But knowledge of the customer is paramount to make that shift happen. And that’s what’s lacking at most traditional real estate companies. Digitalization can turn this around. Since we have a groundbreaking proptech software and since we deal with customers directly, we have that expertise. This enables us to shape personalized #SpaceAsAService for everyone.

This is a short overview of what our CEO will be talking about. Don’t miss out on this if you have the opportunity to attend. The Ramblas can wait.

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