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    On the road: Glas Vandoren

    by Axel • Jul 16, 2019 in Featured, On the road

    Our networking keeps on growing. We're happy to introduce you to Glas Vandoren, an interior glass manufacturer in Werchter. This is what it's like to work in their workspace.

    On the road: Data Minded

    by Axel • Jun 07, 2019 in On the road

    Data Minded is an innovative data engineering company. Their goal is to solve business-related problems. Not with intuitively, nor with a magic wand but with cold hard stats. And this is what their office is like.

    On the road: Aaltra

    by Axel • May 22, 2019 in On the road

    Aaltra is one of the first companies that have joined Workero as a partner. Hooray and congrats to this digital innovation studio. But what’s it like to work at their offices? I had to find out.