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    On the road: Data Minded

    by • Jun 07, 2019 in On the road

    Data Minded is an innovative data engineering company. Their goal is to solve business-related problems. Not with intuitively, nor with a magic wand but with cold hard stats. And this is what their office is like.

    Meet IDEA Consult

    by • May 29, 2019 in Testimonials partners

    On the road: Aaltra

    by • May 22, 2019 in On the road

    Aaltra is one of the first companies that have joined Workero as a partner. Hooray and congrats to this digital innovation studio. But what’s it like to work at their offices? I had to find out.

    19 ways to boost employee engagement.

    by • May 20, 2019 in Featured

    Engaged professionals are better professionals. But how do you make them engaged and happy? We got 18 ways for you to achieve that.