Elan Languages located in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

13, Marktplein, 3550, Heusden-Zolder

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Desk Office 5

Private office

Private Office 1

Event room

Event Room 1

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room 1

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We’re not very good at resting on our laurels. On the contrary; innovation excites us. And do you want to know what makes us even happier? Being able to share our expertise and our innovative tools with other companies. Our combined efforts are helping both our customers and their customers.

Available spaces

5 Desks
5 Desks, Ground Floor
Private office, 15 m², 2 seats
Meeting rooms, 20 m², 8 seats
Event Room Edison
Event room, 50 m², 20 seats

Heroes that work here

Ann Schrader

Vertaler/Revisor bij ElanLanguages

Brecht Rubens

Project Manager @ ElaN Languages

Cédric Simon

Translator - Proofreader bij ElaN Languages

Christina Muenzner

Translator and Proofreader EN/FR/NL - DE bei ElaN Languages

Ineke Convents

Localisation Engineer at ElaN Languages

Ingrid Lebrun

Translator/Proofreader at Elan Languages

Ingrid Berg

Translator - Proofreader French @ ElaN Languages

Jelle Maes

ICT & Localisation Engineer at ElaN Languages

Kim Hoebrechts

Inhouse translator/proofreader Dutch at ElaN Languages

Marjolein Liefsoens

Team Lead Translations Department at ElaN Languages

Mélanie Devienne

Traductrice chez ElaN Languages

Michiel Rombaut

Proofreader bij ElaN Languages

Pieter Gijsen

Projectmanager @ ElaN Languages

Robrecht Belien

CEO / Owner at ElaN Languages