Discover the health measures of Workero.

As announced by the National Security Council, the gradual release of the lockdown measures has begun in phases as of May 4th, 2020

During the last weeks, Workero staff have been working on an extensive set of measures to guarantee the health, the safety and the wellbeing of all our partners and their employees and visitors.

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*The thermal scanning is present on Workero EU district, Brussels Airport, Antwerp East, Procter & Gamble and Turnhout.


Corona Health Safety measures

All measures are operational within the network. You can check on each partner the measures taken ranging from thermal scanning to the physical 1.5 m distancing.

Floor Marking

Floor Markings (arrows, dots)

Secure Distance

Securing the 1.5m distance rule




Information available on cleaning


Hands free dispensers with disinfectant gel

Healt Safety

A sound and conscious business approach of the partner in terms of health safety


WHY do we install the certificate

It is important for our heroes to recognize a health safe work environment within our network. All of our partners have taken measures to secure your well-being. We have introduced a health certificate for our partners, if the physical distancing is assured within the workspaces.


Monitoring and securing a healthy workspace

The attribution of the health work safety environment has been subject to an extensive questionnaire that was send our partners. Regular visites are planned to ensure the correct implementation of the measures. You can find for each partner a list of actions that have been taken on the location page.


Our commitment

It is our mission to secure a professional network of partners that apply a maximum of health safety measures. Some of our partners even have thermal control systems at the entrance of the work spaces to secure a healthy work space environment.

Health Safety Temperature

Together we create a healthy workplace.

Help us improve our Health Safety Measures. If you have ideas or remarks, send a mail to: