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Enjoy a better work-life balance, be more productive by choosing your work location flexibly. Where you are is where you work.

Freedom to choose where you work

Whether you need a state-of-the-art meeting room to impress when you pitch, an office space away from home, or a collaborative hub to reach out to peers, Workero comes to the rescue. Book, work, meet, connect in just a few clicks. 2 out of 3 millennials would switch other benefits for a closer or more dynamic workplace. Would you?

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Take control of your work-life balance

Did you know that, on average, Belgians spent 51 hours sitting in traffic last year? That's 6 whole working days wasted in a car (according to Inrix’s Global Traffic report). But your TO DO list hasn't gone down, has it? You end up using precious 'me time' to cope with your excessive workload. As a Hero, you can work closer to home or nearer to a strategic location that's relevant to your job. Workero lifts you out of traffic, into a nearby work space. With us, you're the winner. You win back time to spend on what really matters.

Fight mobility issues and climate change

30 minutes is the longest tolerable commute for most young professionals (CBRE survey). A longer commute will - sooner or later - drain energy. Working closer to home or an easy-to-reach strategic location brings that commuting time within acceptable levels. Less stress on the road = less stress in your mind. And less CO2 in the air. Doesn't that sound good?

Liven up the vibe at other companies

With Workero, you're breaking down walls and unlocking possibilities. As a Hero, you can tap into mountains of knowledge and see vibrant new environments all the time. You work remotely, but stay connected with the business world. How cool is that? Our corporate Providers are keen to see your fresh ideas brew in their offices. You can test case them; they can challenge you. And in the end, you can do business in the best way: smart and hassle-free. Because you ARE the future. By 2020 (Intuit report), 80% of global corporations will significantly increase collaboration with independent workers and consultants. You'll already be in there. Way ahead. We love the smell of innovation and productivity, don’t you?

How it works

Where you are is where you work

We're not only optimizing the use of office space and turning them into bubbling hubs of knowledge sharing and opportunity. We also want to reduce the opportunity cost of underused office space by creating additional revenue. On top of that, we bring together a community of Heroes in all sorts of companies. We welcome them to the collaborative economy.

Tap into a knowledge hub

Bounce your ideas off other specialists in the Workero community, offer your services and share knowledge.

Find your match

Get alerted when someone you'd like to meet is around, and find information on where your peers are located.

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Connect and work with like-minded professionals

This is more than a professional network. By joining Workero, you open doors and strengthen your community. Take advantage of network events with other workers that share your interests. Or simply connect, meet and grab a quick coffee at a Workero location.

Where you are is where you work

Let your work adapt to your lifestyle, not the other way around

  • Book a desk, private office, meeting or event room near you.
  • Time saving feature suggesting nearby working locations when traffic is too high
  • See who's nearby .. and why not team up?
  • Meet other Heroes relevant to your business or activity
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