Corporate Supplier

/ˈkɔ:p(ə)rət/ /səˈplʌɪə/
1. a company that wants to drive space efficiency and initiate innovation

Optimise idle space and create additional revenue

According to Cushman & Wakefield’s Office Space Across The World Report, global office rents rose 7% in 2014. More than double the circa 3% annual increase since 2010. Since many companies have a surplus of space due to digitalisation and remote workers, they are sitting on a lot of idle, yet valuable square metres. On average, the space and infrastructure cost to enable an employee to work fulltime in your office for a whole year is estimated around 6.765€, regardless if he or she is present every day or not. As a Workero corporate supplier you can turn idle office space into revenue to help you cover that cost and drive space efficiency. Sounds like a profitable deal, isn’t it?

Initiate innovation and change

Opening up your office floor to third party employees and freelancers doesn’t only lead up to buzz, networking and knowledge sharing it also paves the way to innovation and productivity. According to an Accenture study, 78% of large companies believe it’s important to collaborate with entrepreneurs to drive innovation and 42% of companies expect collaboration with entrepreneurs to accelerate disruptive innovation. As a Workero corporate supplier, you can easily turn an idle office desk into a knowledge exchange or innovation hub. Are you ready to pioneer?

See how it works

Retain and engage talent

Today’s workforce has a deep craving for flexibility as they struggle to keep their work and life in balance. According to a Gallup research, remote working increases employee engagement, particularly for those who work remotely, one to three days a week. Another study by Steelcase concluded that 70% of employees who are allowed to work away from the office are highly engaged and highly satisfied, compared to just 30% who are not given the option. As a Workero corporate provider, you help your co-workers tackle their daily work-life challenges, bringing you one step closer to a happy team that carries loyalty to high standards. Priceless, isn’t it?

Incubate & generate business

Organisations that recognise the power of networks are more likely to lead as innovators, as collaboration drives networked solutions and innovative thinking. A win-win for both corporate suppliers and heroes, as you can accelerate their growth and success and they can inject your company with the novel ideas and services you were looking for. With Workero, you create a social environment around your organisation that generates interactions and knowledge sharing, increasing productivity and business.

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