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Monetise your idle office space

Digitalisation and remote working have inevitably led to inefficiencies in the use of office space. The average space and infrastructure cost per employee is about 6800€ per year - whether they are present or not. However, dematerialisation of the workspace also creates opportunities: Workero enables companies to recover that cost and turn idle desks and vacant spaces into vibrant revenue-generating hubs. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Initiate innovation and change

Opening up your office to other employees and independent workers doesn’t just inject energy and deliver networking opportunities. It creates a stimulating environment for innovation and productivity. Don't take our word for it. Ask Accenture; more than 2/3 of large companies value collaboration with entrepreneurs to drive innovation - almost half of them expect that collaboration to accelerate disruptive innovation. Exciting isn't it? With Workero, you can turn a vacant desk into a hub of innovation. When people connect, amazing things happen: new alliances, more learnings and even new business opportunities. Ready to pioneer?

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Retain and engage talent

Today’s workforce craves flexibility as people struggle to maintain work-life balance. According to Gallup research, remote working boosts employee engagement, particularly for those who work remotely, one to three days a week. And Steelcase showed that 70% of employees working remotely are highly engaged and highly satisfied. Compared to only 30% who aren't given the option. As a Workero corporate provider, you'll help your team tackle their daily work-life challenges. Bringing you one step closer to a happy and fiercely loyal team. Priceless, isn’t it?

Incubate and generate new business

People in business know the power of networking. Collaborative working takes it even further as organisations, large or small, achieve more together. Workero incubates business and growth in two ways: space providers and Heroes can exchange, share and validate fresh ideas, offer or buy relevant services. All this, close to home or where people want to be. Workero facilitates a social environment at your organisation that generates interactions and knowledge sharing. Welcome efficiency and new business.

How does it work?

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This is more than a professional network. By joining Workero, you open doors and strengthen your community. Take advantage of network events with other workers that share your interests. Or simply connect, meet and grab a quick coffee at a Workero location.

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