Societal change of the work place at the heart of every company? We owe it to the next generation. Discover our vision and team.

  • Corporate office space optimisation

    We're not only optimizing the use of office space and turning them into bubbling hubs of knowledge sharing and opportunity. We also want to reduce the opportunity cost of underused office space by creating additional revenue. On top of that, we bring together a community of Heroes in all sorts of companies. We welcome them to the collaborative economy.

  • Collaborative economy | knowledge sharing

    The future is collaborative. By opening up to outside Heroes, companies not only create a hub for talent and new business opportunities, but also encourage their own people to be present at other companies, driving new synergies and creating happiness. Heroes get more done in less time by working with the right people in the Workero community.

  • An answer to mobility and climate challenge?

    By changing the mentality of 'how we work' and allowing flexible working, we are powering productivity and inspiring innovation. We believe that by putting forward this societal change, we can contribute to more efficient mobility. After all, reducing traffic helps us take care of our planet and reduce CO².

  • Dirk Paelinck


  • Thierry Vermeiren

    COO / CTO / CDO

  • John van der Linden

    Innovation Expert

  • Katrien Peeters

    Financial Manager

  • Sam Versele

    Business Development Manager

  • Khadija Elkhaoui

    Operations Manager

  • Pieter Vanneste

    Client Engagement Specialist & Community Builder

  • Axel Kapinga

    Content Strategy

  • Nina De Thaey

    Search Engine Marketing Specialist

  • Vlad Pitaru

    IT Project Manager

  • Irina Marinescu

    Project Manager

  • Silviu Runceanu

    Head of Design

  • Leire Palacios

    Erasmus Entrepreneur

  • Andrei Catalin Doroftei

    Product Owner

  • Adrian-Gabriel Peslar

    Main Software Developer

  • Andrei Dragan

    Software Developer

  • Mihai Ovidiu Basanciuc

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Irina Zapodeanu

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Andra Botezatu

    Software Developer

  • Andrei Popa

    Software Developer

  • Andrei Nastaca

    Software Developer