Our prime locations

Multiple desk options
Are you looking for a flex desk, private office or co-working which inspires and is giving you that relaxed feeling while you focus on your business? Let us take care of the rest so that you can excel in what you do.
Prime location(s)
Located at the Corporate Village in Zaventem next to the highway and easy accessible by shuttle from Brussels Airport. This location is your ideal workstation for the day or just as anker point to do your meetings and stop for a few hours.
Connect with people
You can easily find and engage with professionals in our ecosystem. Chat directly with any of the members, post and comment in the community most relevant to you. Attend events at Workero HQ or our partners.
EU tech community
Join Workero today and explore the true meaning of flexible work. Why not choose your work location and avoid traffic? Why not choose your work location in function of Your Business? You decide when and where? After all, Where you are where you work.
You should be able to network and mingle with your peers and to get new ideas. You should be able to exchange knowledge and get inspired by thought leaders in your industry.
 You should be able to limit your commute and spend your time where it matters most.

We took it upon ourselves to lead by example. That’s why we're very proud to open our very first Workero Headquarters in Zaventem.

This is the workplace from which we will be striving to change the way of working. But why change the way of working? Well, we believe that you are entitled to work anywhere and anytime you want.
Join the network and mingle with your peers and to get new ideas. Exchange knowledge and get inspired by thought leaders in your industry.

Come and try our workspace yourself. Ranging from private office space to flex desks to a stimulating coworking area, The Workero HQ has it all.

Join us for a day and discover our prime locations
Our headquarters has everything in store for you to thrive. You’ll be able to co-create with your peers and colleagues at one of our long picknick-like tables.

Do you need to huddle up for a quick co-creation session? Have a seat in one of our 3 four-seater-booths, inspired by train compartments. Those booths are equally suitable for you to get in your own bubble and finish that presentation you’ve been working on.

That’s not the only place in our office space where you can work on your own. You could work at one of our two long wall facing desks or get focused in one of the individual booths. We also have several seats and sofas for you to wind down and come up with groundbreaking ideas.

Our 3 coffee table-and-chair sets are designed for you to share those ideas and insights you’ve garnered and to get inspired by co-creating peers.

Need to make a private phone call? Simply retreat to one of our 3 private phone booths furnished with a desk and comfortable chair. A workspace designed along the principles of the New Way of Working, isn’t complete without its relaxing lunch area.

This area holds a fully furnished kitchen and state-of-the-art coffee machine along with several tables and soft couches. Every item is designed for you to reach your full potential.