The Next Office Workforce Evolution

Your gateway to office and knowledge sharing

A collaborative network linking workspaces and companies to phygital nomads.

Lots of companies are looking to optimise their office space and bring flexibility into their real estate portfolio. Workero is a digital platform enabling mobility and interaction between companies and workers by offering creative workspaces in their respective office locations.

Workero is a simple idea that transforms idle workspaces into places where companies and workers can connect and share knowledge.

Workero facilitates new business opportunities and nurtures innovation..

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An office and knowledge sharing platform

Workero is opening up offices to create a new and collaborative business world. As a corporate office provider, you welcome workers from other corporations, nomads and consultants who enrich your environment. As a Hero, you liven up the vibe in other people's offices. When people connect and share their spaces, amazing things happen. Enter a new world of business opportunities..

Work-Life: where you are is where you work

Nearly half of Europe's top 100 cities experience an increase in traffic year after year. 5 of them are here in Belgium. A depressing fact that's not likely to improve. Join the Workero network and within it, you can land in any office location - as free as a bird. Workero gives you back your time..

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The key to work happiness

9 out of 10 employees value the opportunity to balance work and life challenges. They flag this as important or very important to their job satisfaction (according to The Society for Human Resource Management). But what's even more important: time spent travelling. For millennials, a daily commute of 30 minutes is the most they will tolerate. Workero enables you to work closer to home or to a convenient office location. Less stress. Less traffic. Better air quality. It's that simple. Save 2 hours or more a day!.

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Connect and work with like-minded professionals

This is more than a professional network. By joining Workero, you open doors and strengthen your community. Take advantage of network events with other workers that share your interests. Or simply connect, meet and grab a quick coffee at a Workero location.

Where you are is where you work

Let your work adapt to your lifestyle, not the other way around

  • Book a desk, private office, meeting or event room near you.
  • Time saving feature suggesting nearby working locations when traffic is too high
  • See who's nearby .. and why not team up?
  • Meet other Heroes relevant to your business or activity
  • Watch this space! Our app launches soon: sign up to stay tuned.


Ready to join and innovate?

The workplace revolution is taking off. Don't miss the flight. These corporate office providers have already understood the need to turn idle spaces into buzzing hubs. Driving up efficiency and sharing knowledge. Join them with Workero and contribute to better mobility and environment.