Start saving time and reconnecting your staff from building to building with a real upgrades to operational efficiency.

Multi building management presents unique challenges for real estate owners, facility managers and businesses alike. Corporates with multiple locations need practical ways to ensure consistency, compliance and connectivity. In this article, we will explore different ways multi building management can streamline your operations.

Are looking for a way to streamline your office space usage across your portfolio? With Workero’s workplace management software, you can take control of all your spaces from one centralised platform.

The advantage of multi building management with Workero

multi building management

The 4 main pillars of facility management are people, processes, building, and technology. Understanding these can help guide you to real optimisations, thus combatting challenges on all fronts. Multi building management involves the same focus yet adds in some extra administrative obstacles. With this in mind, we have made it our focus to streamline connections between these 4 pillars.

Use the latest technology to streamline office space usage

Facility Management Solutions via WMS

As highlighted by FlexJobs, 87 percent of professionals think having a flexible job would lower their stress. However, achieving the benefits of flexible work means implementing a smooth and efficient system that’s easy to use. Centralising your offering to employees is essential to ensure you provide flexible work in a stress-free way. Therefore, if you are seeking a way to make your building management seamless, then you are in the right place.

By leveraging Workero’s desk booking software, you can allow employees to book desks, meeting rooms and spaces across your network easily. Allow your employees to work from multiple locations to provide a real sense of flexible work. This doesn’t only enhance collaboration across departments but helps cut down on workers commutes with choice of location.

Reduce your administrative workload

Workero Visitor Management System

According to Harvard Business Review, a single employee would toggle between apps and windows more than 3,600 times a day. Across a year, this equals five working weeks wasted! For those managing multiple buildings on multiple platforms, this number could be significantly higher. By implementing a system that is centralised, you can reduce unnecessary workload for facility managers. Offering a seamless check in and check out of guests isn’t difficult, either. Combining Workero’s Workplace Management Software with our Visitor Management Solution means you can take total control of operations.

Start saving time by utilising Workero’s future-proof solution for increasingly efficient operations. With everything that you need being available via one platform, you can cut down on unproductivity.

Retain a sense of community

HR Trend Tenant Experience

Community is more about inclusion than you think. Since returning to work following Covid-19, employers and employees alike have found it difficult to retain their company culture. With WFH and remote work growing, that sense of community has been negatively affected. Nature Journal highlights how collaboration has become more static and siloed. It’s safe to say pre-pandemic departments need re-established, not split across buildings and spaces. Collaboration has been key to retaining talent for years, alongside that sense of belonging we yearn for from employment.

Utilise our workplace management software to keep employees across your buildings in the loop. Tenant and employee experience is a top priority for building managers, facility managers and HR managers alike. Incorporate multi building management into your approach to optimise and streamline your facility solutions.

Ensure consistent communication

company communication

Communication is essential to efficient multi building management. With Slack, BambooHR and a whole host of other integrations at your disposal, you can safely upgrade your operations.

Multi building management shouldn’t be a hassle. So if you are seeking a solution to multi building usage then contact our team for a custom solution.