From Hybrid work to Activity Based Working!

The hybrid way of working is here to stay. Whatever challenges you are facing in terms of actual and or future development of your office real estate, we are here to help. Get your building and offices ready for the activity based work environment.

A UX and data driven office building real estate company

Hybrid way of working is here to stay. Whatever challenges you are facing in terms of future development or actual transformation of your office real estate, we are here to help.


Imagine a world where you would only pay for what you use, still owning your proper office real estate? Imagine a world where your workplace has already evolved into an activity work baed environment? Imagine the best of both world where your unused SQM are actually creating revenue? We are here to streamline your office real estate making sure your employees can enjoy to the fullest the office experience securing a vibrant workplace environment.


Here at Workero our mission is two folded.
Providing an excellent UX in both the marketplace and Integrated Workplace Management Software. Our team is constantly searching for ways to reduce the efforts of your customers and your employees and at the same time provide a central system allowing you to track, understand and follow the usability of your office real estate. Our end goal is to close the loop from unused office space to a revenue making model.

Our core values

Build the best product — Our criteria for the best product rests on function, simplicity and experience.

Focus on our clients - Having a Client Centric Approach is a value we work hard on every day.

Use business to protect nature — The challenges we face as a society require leadership. Once we identify a problem, we act. We embrace risk and act to protect and restore the stability, integrity and beauty of the web of life trough various initiatives. We focus on our ESG performance and keep a close eye to our SDGs.

Not bound by convention — Our success—and much of the fun—lies in developing new ways to do things. This is why we have an innovation team that will constantly challenge both management and product owners.

Our future ambitions

As a global player in dealing with monetization of office space through the use of Workplace Management Software. User Centric innovation & predictive data analysis will always be at the core of our developments. Allowing building owners, tenants and users of our software to have a great user experience. Technology plays a big part of our DNA and as such we are working on the standardization of office products to be distributed on a global level.

Our team

Meet our team. Reach out to any of our colleagues. They will be happy to talk to you.

Dirk Paelinck

Chief Executive Officer


Thierry Vermeiren

Chief Operating Officer

Head of Sales UK & EU

Fam Ahamed

Head of Sales UK & EU


Amel Ahally

Product Manager IWMS (workplace)

Mark Quitaleg / Account Manager IWMS

Mark Quitaleg

Account Manager IWMS (workplace)


Abraham Suniaga

Business Development


Marieke Sopers

Corporate Innovation Manager


John van der Linden

Innovation Expert


Lee Byrne

Content Writer / Brand Ambassador


Elena Ferreri

Corporate Community Expert


Bilal Mesmoudi

Data Engineer


Vlad Pitaru

IT Project Manager

Andrei Nastaca

Product Owner

Andrei Popa

Mobile Software Developer

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Intern Data Engineering

Are you familiar with data lakes? Do you have a passion for numbers, AI, predictive thinking? Join our team

Intern back office IWMS

Do you have a passion for working with clients? Are you eager to help our customers with the daily assistance on the workplace Management Software? Are you solution minded and are an analytical thinker? Then join us.

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