Optimized Office Management requires a technological solution. In this article, we’ll not only pay tribute to the hard work of office managers everywhere, but showcase how our technological solution can ease common challenges faced when addressing office management.

Office Managers aren’t just office managers to us, but Heroes. We see first hand the true lengths to which this one role of Office Manager is integral to operations of any modern office space. Much like our own staff, office managers tend to take a personal stake in achieving the highest satisfaction rates possible.

Workero continue to help office management professionals meaningfully optimise their space. Seeing directly the impact and excitement that our Integrated Workplace Management Software brings is certainly a rewarding experience. There is a pride in being part of the office management solution and pioneering the latest and greatest innovative responses to universal challenges. 

Structured Parking Management for Organised Operations 

Optimized office management tools: parking Management

Another significant tool for optimized office management is Parking Management. Workero’s Software solution gives you the ability to add organisational and structural features to your parking management. This includes both conventional spaces and electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

Adding intervals allows employees the opportunity to book these parking spots, while also giving them the option to book a regular parking spot for the remaining time of the day. Workero also allow for dedicated parking spots for specific persons across your business. These in turn can be released for other employees to book when unclaimed. 

Badge Connectivity for Seamless and Secure Facilities 

Another important tool for optimized office management is Badge Connectivity. For many employees, check-in using an entry badge is often mandatory for companies to understand who is really present. Not only is this essential for seamless check in for work, but for adding an adequate level of security to your space. Linking attendance to your badge system further avoids employees checking in from home.

So how does Workero’s badge connectivity work? The connectivity is very simple. Just connect your badge supplier with our API to send us the needed information to get started!

Once someone badges into the building, they are automatically checked-in for their parking and desk booking, without the worry their reservation will be released because they did not check-in. Nevertheless, when an employee badges and three colleagues follow, we still send the notifications to the colleagues and give them the opportunity to check-in on mobile or desktop.

Dedicated Reporting for Data Led Operations

Workero Dashboard Reporting

The final important tool for optimized office management is Dedicated Reporting. Unlocking insights provides useful data helpful to businesses seeking to make informed decisions about their space. With Workero, users don’t just get insights on all measurable data from occupancy rates per department or product and amount of bookings on a daily basis. Workero Admins can also leverage workplace analytics relevant to ESG reporting through sensor data.

It’s important to note that data from reporting has the option to be anonymised. Reporting can be sent in an automated way to ensure admins are always kept up to date with current building utilisation and usage. 

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